What Is Jodo?

JO or a round stick made of oak is 128cm in length & 2.4cm in diameter.

JODO is a traditional martial art of Japan; it is aimed at self defense against an attack. It enables you to supress your enemy's offense, and its spirit is to give him a lesson without inflicting a wound.

JODO is mainly to mould your mind and body. What JODO aims at is not only to improve your skills, but to cultivate your mind.

There are a number of things you may acquire in JODO training; given below are some representative ones.

JODO is a martial art that uses the JO, which looks like an innocuous weapon. However once brought into action it can be used like a variety of weapons such as the spear, the halbert (naginata) or the sword.

JODO techniques include thrusting, parrying and striking. Jodo is noted for its ability to attack and defend both sides of the body.

JODO Kata (forms) are called SHINKEN KATA (real sword forms). The All Japan Kendo Federation has selected 12 forms out of the original 64 forms and designated them AJKF Kata.

In practice it is essential to follow instructions precisely, always with an alert and concentrated mind, as if you were engaged in a real life or death combat. By doing so, one should be able to master the Kata in terms of not only appearance but also spirit, and eventually you will reach a level of competitive skill.