Ken Yu Kai Dojo

South Africa

Ken Yu Kai teaches and practices Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. The dojo is situated in Johannesburg and practice takes place on Tuesday and Thursday nights (7.00pm to 9.00pm.) and Saturday afternoons (1.00pm to 3.00pm).

Anyone interested in learning these traditional Japanese martial arts is welcome to attend any training session to discover the fascination and excellence that makes kendo the largest martial art in Japan. If you are near the dojo and would like to find out more about kendo, you are welcome to come and join a first class at no charge where you will be introduced to the basic concepts and given an idea of what training is like.

Ken Yu Kai is affiliated to the Southern African Kendo Federation which in turn is affiliated to the European and International Kendo Federations. This entitles us to take part in European and World championship competitions and gradings. The SAKF is responsible for registering clubs and members, maintaining standards, encouraging international visits and organising grading.

A new student will join one of the dojo's and over a period of time will need to purchase the correct equipment. Initially training can be done in a track suit, and all that need be purchased is a shinai (bamboo sword). After two to three months when the student is committed to continue training, then the kendo-gi (thick top shirt) and hakama (long split skirt trousers) will be purchased. After three to four months the student will start to use armour and will ultimately need to purchase a set of armour ( a second-hand set is recommended for the first time). Dojo armour is also available on loan for new students so that there is no hinderance to their training.

Grading exams are held about every six months where the student can progress through 8 kyu grades to ultimately reach shodan (first dan) level. Thereafter grade exams are usually taken overseas.

For further information contact:

Mr. Buster Sefor:

International +27-11-887-3016

National (011) 887-3016


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