Chris's Freecell

The first pictures are of a gathering of net friends at a braai (local word for BBQ) at my home in 1999. Below are some newer pictures of family and friends taken in late 2000.

Braai area

Claudia, Huggermugger, Christine

Reaver - Christine

Reaver - Christine

Christine's butt

Christine, Reaver, Claudia, and Huggermugger in the foreground

Newer pics:

My husband, Brendan.
My son, Kevin and a friend, Dean, cooling off.
My son, Kevin, with the puppies, Baulder and Loki.
Kevin and Dean.
A tangle of light wires with friends in the background.
Another one of Kevin with the puppies.
More of the same.
The chef at work and people tucking in.