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15th August 1999
Christine, Reaver, Diamonds_Galore
with Huggermugger in the foreground
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Chris's Freecell

Chris's Homepage
My main homepage, with info on who I am and links to most of my other pages.

Pictures of my visit to England - 2nd July to 13th July 1999

Huggermugger's Page
A page full of teddy bears and all manner of cute and cuddly things. This is my other identity.

Family Photo Album
Meet the family

Page on Diana, Princess of Wales
Memorial page I put together in rememberance of Diana.

Conversion Charts
Conversion calculators for Distance, Weight, Volume, Temperatures, Currency, Loans and a pocket calculator

Times around the world
Local time for a list of cities around the world.

Swaziland Building Society
A page I put together for a client of my husband's.

Page on South Africa
All things South African

Damon's Games Page
A page my son got me to put together for him which sorely needs updating but still has some fun things on it.

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Me and hubby, Brendan Carmen and Kevin (my son), at his matric dance (final school exams do), held in October 1999.