Chris's Freecell


Who is Huggermugger? He is a quiet, cute, cuddly, huggable, sensitive chap. His name means secrecy or concealment, so he's a little tight-lipped. He can occasionally be persuaded to open up just a little if he feels someone can be trusted with his most treasured secrets.

He lives in the Antarctic, and is well equipped for the environment with his thick coat of fur.

Some of his favorite passtimes on the net include playing Netgammon, freecell and chatting to people around the world.

Here you can meet his son, Huggy Junior and the family dog, Normand.

Other pets include three other dogs - Hilda, Sheba and Snoopy - a mouse, Squeeky and a rabbit, Bobby.

I finally got Tigger to stop bouncing long enough for me to take his picture - not an easy task!

In time, this page will expand to include all his friends and family, his favorite companion being Edward Bear, or Teddy for short. So come back soon!

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