The Family of a South African Mercer


I have set out the the details of my family as I know them currently while also providing information on the surname and a Mercer Coat of Arms - My grandfather stated that this is the Coat of Arms that he knew, when he was still alive. I have started off with the first five generations from myself and then extended the information from those in the fifth generation, where such information is known. I have ended off by including a descendants report from William MERCER, who is the earliest related MERCER that I am aware of at this stage. 

Obviously it would be much appreciated if you have additional information on ony of the lines included here or on the individuals recorded to please contact me using my email address below.


The Mercer Surname
The Mercer Coat of Arms
Mercer Family - the first five generations
Henry Mercer
Louise Juliette Emerson
James Keith Joyner
Sarah Forrest
John Henry Harris
Eloise Grove O'Connor
Aloys Muller
Louisa Christina Haller
Pieter Johannes Jordaan
Cibella Wilhelmina Van Straaten
Henry Till
Edwin Astle
Mary Hyde
William Mercer Descendants

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