The Family of a South African Mercer


The Ancestry of Cibella Wilhelmina VAN STRAATEN


1. Cibella Wilhelmina VAN STRAATEN b. 28 Aug 1852, Hekpoort, near Queenstown, Cape, RSA, m. 24 Jul 1876, in Queenstown, Cape, RSA, Pieter Johannes JORDAAN, b. 28 May 1846, Cradock, Cape, RSA.


2. Jacob Abrahan Stephanus VAN STRAATEN b. 27 Dec 1809, m. 20 Sep 1840, Helena Catharina PRINSLOO, b. 1 Apr 1823, Cradock, Cape, RSA, d. 29 Aug 1903, Sterkstroom, Cape, RSA. Jacob died 20 Nov 1898, Sterkstroom, Cape, RSA.

3. Helena Catharina PRINSLOO b. 1 Apr 1823, Cradock, Cape, RSA, d. 29 Aug 1903, Sterkstroom, Cape, RSA.

Grand Parents

6. Willem Martinus PRINSLOO b. 14 Dec 1800, Klipplaats, occupation Mason, m. 14 Jul 1822, in Cradock, Cape, RSA, Helena Catharina KLOPPER, b. Bruintjes Hoogte, Cape, RSA, d. 2 Feb 1840, Bloemhof, OFS, RSA. Willem died 20 Jun 1889.

7. Helena Catharina KLOPPER b. Bruintjes Hoogte, Cape, RSA, christ. 4 Oct 1800, d. 2 Feb 1840, Bloemhof, OFS, RSA.

Great Grand Parents

12. Willem PRINSLOO christ. 1 Apr 1764, occupation Agriculturist, m. 12 Sep 1790, Sibella ROELOFSE, christ. 3 Apr 1774, d. 15 Dec 1847. Willem died 3 Jun 1834.

13. Sibella ROELOFSE christ. 3 Apr 1774, d. 15 Dec 1847.

14. Jacobus Marthinus KLOPPER christ. 4 Oct 1766, m. 12 Aug 1787, Helena Catharina KRUGEL, christ. 3 May 1772, d. 11 Mar 1857.

15. Helena Catharina KRUGEL christ. 3 May 1772, d. 11 Mar 1857.

Great Great Grand Parents

24. Nicolaas PRINSLOO m. 8 May 1763, Gesina NEL.

25. Gesina NEL.

26. Balthazar ROELOFSE m. 19 Mar 1769, Johanna Theresia LOMBARD.

27. Johanna Theresia LOMBARD.

28. Hendrik KLOPPER m. 12 Dec 1762, Martha VAN DER MERWE.

29. Martha VAN DER MERWE.

30. Andries Hendrik KRUGEL and Petronella PRINSLOO, m. 18 Jul 1779, Maria Elizabeth OOSTHUIZEN.

31. Petronella PRINSLOO.

3rd Great Grand Parents

48. Willem PRINSLOO m. 19 Oct 1742, Maria Elisabeth KLOPPER.

49. Maria Elisabeth KLOPPER.

50. Pieter Willem NEL m. 8 Apr 1725, Aletta (Altijn) VAN DEVENTER.

51. Aletta (Altijn) VAN DEVENTER.

52. Balthasar ROELOFSE m. 15 Aug 1731, Maria KNOETZEN. Balthasar died 1742.

53. Maria KNOETZEN.

54. Anthonie LOMBARD m. 1 Nov 1744, Isabella POTGIETER.

55. Isabella POTGIETER.

56. Hendrik Frederick KLOPPER m. 31 Aug 1717, Catharina BOTHA.

57. Catharina BOTHA.

58. Jacobus VAN DER MERWE m. 14 Apr 1726, Catharina JACOBS.

59. Catharina JACOBS.

60. Johannes KRUGEL m. 22 Jan 1747, Helena Catharina BECK.

61. Helena Catharina BECK.

62. Willem PRINSLOO (same person as No. 48 above) m. 19 Oct 1742, Maria Elisabeth KLOPPER.

63. Maria Elisabeth KLOPPER (same person as No. 49 above).

4th Great Grand Parents

96. Nicolaas PRINSLOO and Petronella VAN STAADEN. Nicolaas died bef. 1728.

97. Petronella VAN STAADEN.

98. Hendrik Frederick KLOPPER (same person as No. 56 above) m. 31 Aug 1717, Catharina BOTHA.

99. Catharina BOTHA (same person as No. 57 above).

100. Guillaume NIEL (NEL) b. 1663, occupation Tailor & Farmer, m. 3 May 1685, in Amsterdam, Holland, Jeanne LA BATTE, b. 1663.

Guillaume Niel or Nel came from Rouen in France arriving before 1690 with his wife and two children as a French Huguenot refugee.  They lived at Stellenbosch on the farm "Blouklip."
101. Jeanne LA BATTE b. 1663. She came from Samur, Anjou, France

102. Gerrit Jansz VAN DEVENTER m. 29 Oct 1688, in Cape Town, Cape, RSA, Ariaantje JACOBS, b. 1670. He originated from Veldcamp in the Netherlands.

103. Ariaantje JACOBS b. 1670. She was an orphan from Rotterdam and was christened as the daughter of Jacob Abrahamse and Heyltje Ariens. She was a sister of Willemyntje Ariens de Wit, the wife of Detlef Biebow.

106. Cornelis KNOETZEN and Dirkje HELM. He came from Funen (Fyn) in Denmark.

107. Dirkje HELM.

108. Anthonie LOMBARD b. 1693, m. 7 Feb 1717, Johanna SNYMAN.

109. Johanna SNYMAN.

110. Hans Jurgen POTGIETER m. 31 Mar 1720, Cornelia BOTHA. Hans died Drakenstein, Cape, RSA.

111. Cornelia BOTHA.

114. Friederich BOTH b. 4 Mar 1653, Wangenheim, Gotha, Germany, m. 21 Jun 1717, in Stellenbosch, Cape, RSA, Maria KICKERS.

He arrived in the Cape from Wangenheim near Gotha, Germany as a soldier in 1678. Five years later he achieved citizens rights. From 1686 he farmed for Jan Cornelisz. In 1692 he signed his name as Both but in 1699 signed as Botha. In the tax rolls the spelling appears as Both, Boot and Botha.  It appears, when one considers that a person was often named for the place he came from, Friederich Both from Gotha became Friederich Botha. He is the ancestor of all the Botha's living in South Africa today.

115. Maria KICKERS. She was an orphan from Holland and divorced wife of Jan Cornelisz.

116. Schalk VAN DER MERWE christ. 13 Aug 1673, m. 1696, Anna PREVOT, b. 1681, Mark, Picardie, France. Schalk died 1740.

117. Anna PREVOT b. 1681, Mark, Picardie, France.

118. Daniel JACOBS b. 14 Sep 1673, m. 1702, Louise CORDIER, b. c1685. Daniel died 1712.

119. Louise CORDIER b. c1685.

120. Matthys (Matthias) KRUGEL b. Neurenberg, and Elisabeth VAN STADEN. Matthys died 9 Jan 1731, Stellengift?.

Soldier at the Cape from 1703, citizen in 1708, district councilor in 1715, lived at Simonsvlei and later at Stellengift

121. Elisabeth VAN STADEN.

122. Johannes Zacharias BECK occupation Soldier, and Elsje VAN AS.

Arrived in 1715 as a soldier on the "Mossel." Citizen in 1722.

123. Elsje VAN AS.

5th Great Grand Parents

192. Adrian Gerrits PRINSLOO and Alida CLAASSEN.

193. Alida CLAASSEN.

194. Maarten VAN STAADEN.


He came from Haarlem arriving before 1686 with his wife and six children.

216. Pierre LOMBARD b. 1658, occupation Farmer, and Marie COUTEAU, b. 1659, La Soudiere, Dauphine, France, d. 1 Apr 1718. Pierre died 1716?.

He came from Pointaix in Dauphine, France and arrived in 1688. In 1690 he was described as "a sick man with a wife and one child."  He owned farms in Simondium as follows: "Langerust." (1688-1717) "Zondernaam." (1699-1717) "Bergen Henegouwe" (1711-1717).
217. Marie COUTEAU b. 1659, La Soudiere, Dauphine, France, d. 1 Apr 1718.

218. Christoffel SNYMAN m. bef. 1690, Marguerite-Therese DE SAVOYE, b. 1672, Ghent, Flanders, Belgium.

219. Marguerite-Therese DE SAVOYE b. 1672, Ghent, Flanders, Belgium.

220. Harmen Jansen b. 1635, occupation Builder & Smith, m. 8 May 1672, Isabella (Beeltje) FREDERIKS.

Harmen Jansen, known as Harment Jansz Potgieter from Nordhorn in Westphalia Builder in 1665, later a smith at Stellenbosch.
221. Isabella (Beeltje) FREDERIKS. She came from Amsterdam, the widow of Nikolaus Vechtman from Merano in South- Tirol.

222. Friederich BOTH (same person as No. 114 above) b. 4 Mar 1653, Wangenheim, Gotha, Germany, m. 21 Jun 1717, in Stellenbosch, Cape, RSA, Maria KICKERS.

223. Maria KICKERS (same person as No. 115 above).

228. Michael BOTH and Susanna SAULUS.

229. Susanna SAULUS.

232. Willem Schalk VAN DER MERWE m. 9 Sep 1668, Elsje CLOETE, b. Europe. Willem died 12 Jul 1716.

The name van der Merwe comes from the Merwede or Merwe river in Holland which flows near Dordrecht. There was a castle on the banks of the river with the same name, which is in ruins today.

According to the registers of the Cape Church, William Schalksz(oon) van der Merwe, the progenitor of the van der Merwe family in South Africa, came from "Oud-Beyerland" (between Rotterdam and Dordrecht in Holland), and according to the resolutions of the political council, he was from Broek.

He was a son of Schalk van de(r) Merwe, a farmer in Oud Beyerland and a grandson of Willem van de(r) Merwe, from whom the existing Van Der Merwe family in Holland is descended.


He arrived in South Africa as an arquebusier on the ship "Dordrecht," becoming a citizen on the 5th May 1661, only nine years after the arrival of Jan van Riebeck. He rejoined the Duch East India Company in 1663 as a midshipman, charged with agriculture; afterwards a "vrykneg" who obtained leave from the Dutch East India Company on 23 March 1677 together with Pieter van der Westhuizen, to go and farm some land in Houtbaai. (The farm "Kronendal").

This agreement was cancelled in 1681 and the farm became a free property of Willem.

The farm de Hoop in Klein Drakenstein which was given to his son Schalk Willem in 1692 was thus the second farm in the van der Merwe family.

Willem Schalk van der Merwe married Elsje Cloete, the daughter of Jacob Cloete on 9 September 1668 and they had 13 children.


233. Elsje CLOETE b. Europe.

234. Charles PREVOST b. 1650, m. 9 Oct 1673, Marie LE FEVRE, b. 1651, d. 1701. Charles died ?? Jul 1688.

He arrived in 1688 from Amsterdam abourd the ship "De Schelde," with his wife and three children. He is recorded as being from Dombrie, close to Calais in France.  The family lived in Marcq after his marriage. He was in Dunkirk in 1673 as a Master Wagon Builder. A member of the Guines congregation.


235. Marie LE FEVRE b. 1651, d. 1701. She is recorded as coming from Marcq, close to Calais, France. She married three times, first to Charles Prevost, second to Heinrich Eckhoff from Essen, Germany and third to Louis de Peronne.

236. Pierre JACOB occupation Farmer, and Suzanne DE VOS, d. 1708. Pierre died bef. 1698.

Pierre Jacob arrived in 1688 as French Huguenots from the region of Calais on the "Schelde." He farmed at Groot Drakenstein on the Farm "Goede Hoop."  He came from Vielle Eglise near Calais and was a member of the Guines congregation.
237. Suzanne DE VOS d. 1708.

238. Louis CORDIER occupation Farmer, and Francoise MARTINET, d. 1702. Louis died 1702.

Louis Cordier arrived in 1688 aboard the "Zuid-Bevelandt." He received the farm "Bethal" presently "Nantes" near Paarl. He was one of the first Elders of the Drakenstein congregation.
239. Francoise MARTINET d. 1702.

240. Unknown KRUGEL and Margaretha SLAKKERNEUGT.

241. Margaretha SLAKKERNEUGT.

242. Maarten VAN STAADEN (same person as No. 194 above)

244. Christoffel Sebastian BECK b. c1666, occupation Chemist, m. 30 Aug 1700, Veronica Dorothea RODERN, d. 1738, buried: 19 Mar 1738. Christoffel died 1754, buried: 6 May 1754.

245. Veronica Dorothea RODERN d. 1738, buried: 19 Mar 1738.

246. Jacobus VAN AS and Helena VAN DER MERWE.

247. Helena VAN DER MERWE.

6th Great Grand Parents

386. Cornelis CLAASEN

436. Anthony from Bengal. Anthony died 1683.

438. Jacques DE SAVOYE b. 1636, Ath, Henegouwe, Spanish Netherlands, occupation Businessman & Farmer, m. (1) 1665, Christine DU PONT, d. bef. 1686, Europe, m. (2) 1686, in Sas van Gent, Zeeland, Netherlands, Maria Madelaine LE CLERQ. Jacques died 1717.

Came out to the Cape in 1688 aboard the "Oosterland." Farmed "Vrede-en-Lust" near Simondium from 1688 to 1702 when it was sold. The family moved to Cape Town where Jacques started a Commercial enterprise in 1702 and then sold in 1708.  He was the District Councilor for Stellenbosch and Drakenstein. He was arrested in 1706 for opposition to the Governor W.A. van der Stel and subsequently released.
439. Christine DU PONT d. bef. 1686, Europe.

440. Hermann POTGIETER and Schwenne LODDEN.

441. Schwenne LODDEN.

466. Jacob CLOETE and Fytje (Sophia) RADEROOTJES, d. 1665. Jacob died 23 May 1693.

Cloete comes from the male forename of Klute or Kloot which is a deritive of Chludio or Chlodowig. His sons spelled the surname variously as Kloete, Kloote and Kloeten.

Jacob Cloete from Keulen, Germany, apparently came to the Cape in 1652. He was one of the first citizens from the 10th August 1657, getting a farm on the Liesbeek river on the 10th October 1657.

 In 1671 he returned to Europe but returned to the Cape later as a corporal. He was murdered, being cold bloodedly stabbed to death not far from the castle by deserters.

He was married to Fytje or Sophia Raderootjes from "Uts in 't land van Keulen." They had 4 children.


467. Fytje (Sophia) RADEROOTJES d. 1665. She also came from Keulen.

468. Henri PREVOST and Jeanne de FIEF.

469. Jeanne de FIEF.

470. David LE FEVRE and Elisabeth LE BLEU.

471. Elisabeth LE BLEU.

492. Johannes VAN AS


He arrived in 1671 from Harlingen, Frieseland, with his wife.
494. Willem Schalk VAN DER MERWE (same person as No. 232 above) m. 9 Sep 1668, Elsje CLOETE, b. Europe. Willem died 12 Jul 1716.

495. Elsje CLOETE (see same person above in generation 8) b. Europe.

7th Great Grand Parents

876. Jacques DE SAVOYE and Jeanne VAN DER ZEE.

877. Jeanne VAN DER ZEE.


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