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This page has been added to the site following numerous requests made to the South-Africa-L genealogy list, to provide a resource, detailing the books and reference works owned by various subscribers, who have indicated a willingness to do lookups for anyone needing such a service.

The owners initials have been inserted within curly brackets, {........} and their contact details are listed under the Owners Section.

Several works may be owned by more than one person and research efforts may vary from owner to owner, according to their schedules, time constraints and the like. If it is necessary to photocopy information, owners may charge a nominal fee for photocopy and postage charges.

If you own a book or any other reference material relevant to South African Genealogy or related fields and would be prepared to have your details added to this page, please E Mail the details to me.

Please note that the owners have simply indicated their willingness to do lookups in the books and reference works in their own personal Libraries.

This is not an open invitation to members of the public for the owners to do genealogical research for them. If your request to them for assistance in conducting genealogical research is ignored, YOU KNOW WHY.


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Collected Biographies and Genealogies.
Individual Family Histories.
Cemetery & Churchyard Inscriptions.
South African General History.
South African Military History.
European History.
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Baxter, A., 1985, In Search of your European Roots, complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe, (Macmillan of Canada, CAN) - {SVH}.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Series K, No. 1, 1976, Major Genealogical Record Sources in South Africa, Genealogical Department - {SVH}.
Lackey, R.S., 1980, Cite your Sources - A Manual for Documenting Family Histories and Genealogical Records, (University Press of Mississippi, USA) - {SVH}.
Lombard, R.T.J., 1977, Handbook for Genealogical Research, (Human Sciences Research Council, SA) - {SVH}.
Lombard, R.T.J., 1984, Handbook for Genealogical Research, (Human Sciences Research Council, SA) - {CM}.
Morris, Janet, 1989, A Latin Glossary for Family and Local Historians, (Federation of Family History Societies, GB) - {SVH}.

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Collected Biographies and Genealogies

Boucher, M., 1981, French Speakers at the Cape: the European Background (University of SA, SA) - {SVH}.
Coertzen, P., 1988, The Huguenots of South Africa 1688-1988, (Tafelberg Publishers Ltd., SA) - {SVH}.
Pama, C., 1983, Die Groot Afrikaanse Familie-naamboek (Human & Rousseau, SA) - {SVH}, {CM}
Pama, C., Heraldry of South African Families - {AL}.
Zollner, L./Heese, J.A., 1984, Die Berlynse Sendelinge in Suid-Afrika - The Berlin Missionaries in South Africa (Human Sciences Research Council, SA) - {SVH}.
Cilliers, B., 1985, Genealogiee van die Afrikaner Families in Natal - Genealogies of the Afrikaaner Families in Natal (Teeanem, Pietermaritzburg) - {CM}.
De Villiers, C.C., 1981, Geslagsregisters van die ou Kaapse families - Genealogies of the old Cape Families I- II, adapted by C. Pama, (A.A. Balkema, Cape Town) - {CM},
Various, Dictionary of South African Biography, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.  {These biographies are about people who played a SIGNIFICANT role in different spheres of life in South Africa. Volome V does not include people who died after 1982.}- {CM}, {GP}.
Heese, J.A., SA Geslagregisters/SA Genealogies Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4. (Human Sciences Research Council) - {CM},
Nash, M.D., 1987, The Settler Handbook, A new list of the 1820 Settlers (Chameleon Press) - {CM}, {DS} {Warrick}
O'Byrne Spencer, S., 1981/1987, British Settlers in Natal 1824-1857 - A Biographical Register, Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (University of Natal Press) - {CM}.
Heese, H.F., 1984, Groep Sonder Grense - (Western Cape Institute for Historical Research) - {CM}.
Dickason, G.B., 1973, Irish Settlers to the Cape - story of the Clanwilliam settlement in 1820, its failure & dispersement of some settlers to the originally intended destination of Albany. (Balkema, Cape Town) - {GBD}, {WN}.
Dickason, G.B., 1978, Cornish Immigrants in South Africa - deals with the Cornish in Namaqualand,latter half 19th century: the Cornish on the diamond fields & then the pioneer Cousin Jacks on the Witwatersrand, from 1886, Text covers the time span 1820-1920. (Balkema, Cape Town) - {GBD}.
The Story of the Settlement by T Sheffield 1912 - {DS}.
Bryer L and Hunt KS, 1987, The 1820 Settlers. - {DS}.
Ransford O, 1972, The Great Trek.- {DS}.
Unkown, 1913,  Women of South Africa.- {PF}.
Archives Yearbook For South African History 1946 : Personalia of of the Germans at the Cape (1652-1806) - {GB}.
Philip P., 1981, British Residents at the Cape 1795-1819 - {WN}, {NM}
Hale John, Settlers, (being extracts from the journals and letters of early colonists in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) - {NL}.
Hockly H.E., The Story of the British Settlers of 1820 in South Africa - {NL}
"The '96 Rebellions - The British South Africa Company Reports on the native Disturbances in Rhodesia, 1896-97" Published by the Rhodesia Reprint Library, Silver Series Volume 2. {PF}.
Bond J, 1956 - They were South Africans - Stories of some English speaking South Africans - {NL}.
Nathan M, 1937 - The Voortrekkers of South Africa - {NL}.
Mitford-Barber I & White V, 1968 - Some Frontier Families - Biographical Sketches of 100 eastern Province families before 1840 - {NL}.
Bond J, 1956 - They were South Africans - Stories of some English speaking South Africans - {NL}.
Dawe Richard D, M.A., 1956 - Cornish Pioneers in South Africa -Cornish Hillside Publications, St. Austell, Cornwall, England (1998). The book covers ground from 1820 to 1940 and beyond. Loads of names and illustrations. - {BP}.
 Collett.,  Joan (?) TIME TO PLANT -  Autobiography of James Lydford Collett, 1820 settler who farmed in the Fish River area. {SM}
Lewis Thos. H, (1913) Women of South Africa - A Historical, Educational & Industrial Encyclopaedia & Social Directory of the Women of the sub-continent. (Le Quesne & Hooton Smith Cape Town South Africa) {PF}.

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Individual Family Histories

Kitshoff, M.H.C., 1984, Kitshoff-Nageslag, Die nageslag van Johannes Ketshuck (Human Sciences Research Council, SA) - {SVH}.
van Vuren, J.P.J., (undated), Stamboom van Stamvader Gerrit van Vuren (SA) - {SVH}.
Warner, B. & N., (editors) 1985, Journal of Lady Jane Franklin at the Cape of Good Hope 1836, (Friends of SA Library, CT, SA) - {SVH}.
P Joyner, (undated), William Joyner (1818 - 1887) and His Descendants (Typed Manuscript). - {CM}.
Derek R Nelson, (1991), Thomas Nelson, A brief history of an 1820 settler and his descendants. - {Warrick}.
Ffolliot P & Croft H.L., 1960 - One Titan at a Time - The story of John Patterson of Port Elizabeth and his times. - {NL}.
Heale J. (1981) - They Made This Land (Stories of 86 Characters from South African History). - {NL}.
McEwan, Eric (undated), McEwan`s of Tarkastad. {MM}.
Jackson, AO, 1995, "The Jacksons of Nelspoort, Cape of Good Hope, and their Descendants" {JG}.
Otto, V. J. D., 2000, Genealogies of Otto Families (SA), {VO}
van As, N., A Small World-The Descendants of Charles Webber. (Citadel Press, Lansdowne, Cape Town). {MK}  

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Cemetery & Churchyard Inscriptions

Index to Cemeteries included in Alphabetic Guides to Gravestones in Smaller Cemeteries in SA, Vol. I - XVII, 1990, (State Archives Services, SA) - {SVH}.
Index for St. Georges Park Cemetery Register (Eastern Cape) - {NL}.
St Mary's Cemetery Register - Port Elizabeth - {NL}.
Uitenhage Cemetery Records (Eastern Cape) - {NL}.

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South African General History

1. General

2. Early Cape

Best, George (1931) The Grand Old Days of the Diamond Fields ( Maskew Miller Limited) - {MW}.
Bond, John (1963) They were South Africans - Book on prominent English speaking South Africans,(Oxford Univ.Press) - {MW}, {DS}, {NL}.
Brett, B L W (1944) Makers of South Africa (Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., GB) (forward by Field-Marshal Smuts) - {SVH}.
Bulpin, T V (1965) Lost Trails of the Transvaal. - {NL}.
Burrows, E H A History of Medicine in South Africa. - {TW}.
Cameron, T & Spies, S B (1986) An Illustrated History of South Africa (Jonathan Ball Publishers, Johannesburg). - {CM}.
Cory, Sir Geo E., publ 1939: Archive Yearbook, year 2, part 1, "The rise of South Africa" Sir George Edward Cory. Covers the period from Sir George Grey and the Cattle Killing Delusion to the Orange River Sovereignity and the first Basuto War {GP}.
Danziger, C (1979) - The Pioneers BC - 1795 (history of the Cape). - {NL}.
Elphick, Richard & Hermann Giliomee (editors 1979) The Shaping of South African Society 1652-1820 (Longman Penguin SA) {NL},
Fourie, S Turning Back the Pages. Memories of Jansenville C.P. - {TW}.
Kirby, D Peddie - Settlers' Outpost. - {TW}.
Joyce, Peter The South African Family Encyclopaedia - {CM}.
McNish, J T (1968) The Road to El Dorado (Story of the Diamond Rush). - {NL}.
McNish, J T (1970) The Glittering Road (Kimberley 1874 - 1876). - {NL}.
Meiring, J M (1959) Sundays River Valley (its history and settlement). - {NL}.
Morton, H V (1948) In Search of South Africa (Methuen & Co., Ltd., GB) - {SVH}.
Paton, Alan (1973) The Land and People of South Africa (J B Lipincott Company, USA) - {SVH}.
Pretorius, Celestine, publ 1998, "Al Laggende en Pratende" Kaapse vroue in die 17e en 18e Eeu{GP}.
Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Southern Africa (1978) (Reader's Digest Assoc., SA) - {SVH}.
Reader's Digest South Africa's Yesterdays, (1981) (Reader's Digest Assoc., SA) - {SVH}.
Timmins, H (1971) Veld Express (A history of the stage coach companies in South Africa). - {NL}.
Uys C J (1933) - In the Era of Shepstone (being a study of British Expansion in South Africa 1842 - 1877). - {NL}.
van Jaarsveld, F A (1964) The Afrikaner's Interpretation of South African History (Simondium Publishers, SA) - {SVH}.
Visagie, Jan, publ 2000, "Voortrekker-Stamouers 1835 - 1845" A comprehensive list of people who joined the Great Trek{GP}.
Wilson M & Thompson L, (1982) A History of South Africa to 1870 (David Philips Publisher, SA) - {CM}.
Eric Rosenthal(1970) 2nd Edition - Ensiklopedie van Suidelike Afrika (Frederick Warne & Co.Ltd.) - {GP}.
Venter P. J., publ 1940, Archive Yearbook, year 3, part 2, "Landdros en Heemrade 1682 - 1827" {GP}.
Collier, J (1961) Frontier Post (The Story of Grahamstown) - {NL}.
Laidler, P W (1926) A Tavern of the Ocean (A history of the early Cape). - {NL}.
NG Gemeente, Lady Grey Gedenkboek 1862 - 1962 - {CM}.
Smalberger, J M Aspects of the History of Copper Mining in Namaqualand 1846-1931. - {TW}.
Sterkstroom 1875-1975 - Commemoration Album - {CM}.
Wyndham-Smith, K (1910) A History of the Graaff-Reinet District 1786-1910. - {TW}.
C de Bosdari (1964) 2nd Edition Cape Dutch Houses and Farms. (A A Balkema CT/Amsterdam) - {GP}.

3. Eastern Cape

Randell, G Gentlemen of the Law of the Eastern Cape. - {TW}.
Rivett-Carnac, D (1961) Thus came the English - 1820. - {NL). - (RLB)
Rivett-Carnac, D (1966) Hawks Eye -  The Story of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Somerset in the Eastern Cape. (Howard B Timmins) - {RLB}
Charles W Hutton (editor), 1964 - The Autobiography of the Late Sir Andries Stockenström, Bart., Sometime Lieutenant-Governor of the Eastern Provinve of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, (C Struik) - {GB}

4. Johannesburg

MacDonald, W (1933) The Romance of the Golden Rand - {NL}.
Meiring, Hannes,1985, Early Johannesburg, Its Buildings and its People - Sketches of old Jhb.Buildings ( Human & Rousseau ) - {MW}.

5. Natal

Becker, Peter. Rule of Fear, (The life and Time of Dingane){RW}.
Bird, John Annals of Natal,1495 to 1845 - Vol. 1 & 2 {RW}.
Bulpin, T V (1966) Natal and the Zulu Country. - {NL}.
Hattersley, Alan F, 1940 - Portrait of a Colony: The Story of Natal (Cambridge University Press) {GB}

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South African Military History

Pakenham T, 1979, The Boer War, (Jonathan Ball Publishers, Johannesburg). - {CM}, {MW}.
Carter T.F., 1900, A Narrative of the Boer War (Facsimile reproduction - Scripta Africana) - {CM}.
Meintjes, J, 1971, "Sandile - the fall of the Xhosa Nation" - most of the Eastern Cape Xhosa wars ( Cape and Transvaal Printers ) - {MW}.
Emery, Frank, 1977, " The Red Soldier" - Zulu War of 1879 , ( Hodder and Stroughton) - {MW}.
Morris, Donald, 1966, "The Washing of Spears"- Zulu War of 1879, ( Sphere Books Limited) - {MW}.
Harford, Col.Henry, 1978, " Zulu War Journal" - Zulu War of 1879, ( Shutter and Shooter) - {MW}.
Emery, Frank, 1986, " Marching Over Africa" -Published letters from troops 1868- 1898, ( Hodder and Stroughton) - {MW}.
Chadwick, G.A. " The Battle of Isandhlawana and the Defence of Rorkes Drift " ( Nat. Monuments Council ) - {MW}.
Longford, Elizabeth, 1960, " Jameson Raid , The prelude to the Boer War" ( Jonathan Ball Publishers) - {MW}.
Kruger, Rayne,1960, " Good-Bye Dolly Gray"- Boer War 1899 -1902, (Cassell and Company) - {MW}.
Reitz, Denys, 1983, " Commando"- Boer War 1899-1902, (Jonathan Ball Publishers) - {MW}.
Duxbury, Col. G.P., 1994, " The Siege of Ladysmith" ( S.A Military Museum) - {MW}.
Lee, Emanoel, 1985, " To the Bitter End" - A photographic History of The Boer War 1899- 1902" (Penguin Books) - {MW}.
Milton J. - The Edges of War. A History of Frontier Wars 1702-1878. - {TW}.
Coleman F.L. - The Kaffrarian Rifles 1876-1986. - {TW}.
Griffiths R. - First City. A Sage of Service. A History of the First City Regiment, Grahamstown. 1822-1986. - {TW}.
Young P.J. - Boot and Saddle. A narrative record of the C.M.R. - {TW}.
Breytenbach J.H. - Geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog 1899-1902 Vol. 1-5 - {TW}.
The Times History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902 Vol. 1-6 - {TW}.
Austen G.F., The Diary of G.F.Austen -experiences in Potchefstroom in the First Boer War 1880-1881. {PF}.
Steenkamp Willem, The Soldiers. - Each chapter devoted to a single man :- de la Rey, de Wet, Lukin,van Deventer, Pienaar Poole. {PF}.
Monnick S, A Bugle Calls - History of the Witwatersrand Rifles 1899-1987. - {PF}.
Williamson Hugh, The Fourth Division 1939-1945. - {PF}.
Orpen Neil, The Cape Town Highlanders 1885-1970. - {PF}.
Gray Sheila, The South African War 1899-1902 : Service records of British and Colonial Women - (Mostly nurses and aids).- {PF}.
Gordon R Everson, 1978 - The South Africa 1853 Medal - Being the Roll of the Recipients and the Story of the Campaign Medal Issued for the Frontier Wars Between 1834 and 1853 (Samson Books) - {GB}

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European History

Guide to Genealogical Sources in the Netherlands, Gelderland, Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Series C, No. 9, 19756 - {SVH}.
Heerde Doopboeken 1658-1771 - P. Leising & A.M. Pieke, 1987 (Vereniging Veluwse Geslachten, NL) (for information on Willemse van Heerden) - {SVH}.
Heerde Trouwboek 1658-1771 - P. Leising & A.M. Pieke, 1987 (Vereniging Veluwse Geslachten, NL) - {SVH}.
Herbert Heaton (1948) 2nd Edition Economic History of Europe. (Harper & Row - Revised Edition) - {GP}.

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Name Indexes

Genealogical Research Directory 1988 - {SVH}.
Genealogical Research Directory 1989 - {SVH}.
Genealogical Research Directory 1990 - {SVH}.
Genealogical Research Directory 1992 - {SVH}.
Genealogical Research Directory 1993 - {SVH}.
Genealogical Researchers and their Fields of Interest, 1st edition, compiled by G. deV. de Kock, 1989 (University of Port Elizabeth, SA) - {SVH}, {CM}.
South African Genealogical Reference Guide, (Genealogical Society of South Africa - 1999) - {Includes researchers and their fields of interest, published genealogies & unpublished manuscripts, Family History Societies and Family Associations.} {CM}.

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Familia, Genealogical Society of South Africa (I have most issues from Volume 1, to the present - some gaps) - {SVH}.
Familia, Genealogical Society of South Africa on CD - CD 1, 2, 3 & 4 Covering the years 1964 to 1999 - {CM}.
Huguenot Newsletter - Huguenot Society of South Africa (I have most issues from Volume 1 to the present - some gaps) - {SVH}.

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