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One of the joys that genealogists and family historians have when they are connected to the internet is the ability to make contact with other like minded people and to share their information and knowledge.

I am not going to construct a links page with thousands of addresses, duplicating work done by other, more qualified individuals. I am simply going to link to the better pages and you can take the search from there.

General & Worldwide Genealogy Websites

  1. The best page for links to all aspects of genealogy including e-mail lists and newsgroups is Cyndi's List.
  2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has a searchable web site with access to the IGI and other sources.
  3. You can visit the Rijksarchief in The Hague  or email hr. V. van den Bergh at
  4. If you want to trace your UK Ancestors, the website at Genuki is a must.
  5. To obtain Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates from the UK, contact the following website:
  6. To visit the Parish Chest, use the highlighted link. 
  7. Do you have Welsh Ancestors? If yes, visit Cenquest. 
  8. For UK adoptions,visit Born to be Found. 

South African General Websites:

  1. The Genealogical Society of South Africa also has a web site.
  2. The Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA) site can be found here.
  3. If your ancestors were French Huguenots, why not visit the Huguenot Society Web Site.
  4. To see a Timeline covering some of the important dates in South African History, Please visit the Timeline Link
  5. The Chamber of Mines has a web site to find out more about gold mining in South Africa.
  6. The South African Heritage Resources Agency has a website dealing with heritage management in South Africa.
  7. Try the official Demarcation Board Website for maps on South Africa showing information on all the small towns, farms and places in South Africa.
  8. The e-Family website comprises data donated by volunteers from NAAIRS, which is the NASA (National Archives of South Africa) database. There is also a Pathfinder to the National archives which will assist in identifying archive locations, database acronyms and contact details. . This site is well worth a visit and all involved are to be congratulated.
  9. The National Archives of South Africa now has the NAAIRS database on line at their website.
  10. The Department of Home Affairs registers births, marriages and deaths and this site details the requirements and the application forms for each type of document. (Unfortunately one cannot search for or apply online for BMD certificates)
  11. For those of you with Jewish Roots here in South Africa, why not visit the Southern African Jewish Genealogy website.
  12. The South African telephone directories, (White Pages) are now on line.
  13. Heather MacAlister runs Ancestry24, a very interesting South African Genealogy Website.
  14. A site dealing with the 1820 Settlers is at
  15. Try the Cousin Connect Website to post South African related queries and find answers.
  16. For online Museums in South Africa try the following website.
  17. If you are adopted and want to try and find your birth parents or siblings, try Adoption Reunions or email Jack Kotze at
  18. The Genealogy World website provides lots of interesting information, including passenger lists is well worth a visit. 
  19. The South African Government has a website detailing much information about South Africa.
  20. The Master of the High Court deals with estates - check out the Maseti Information for partial indexes of estate files.

Specific South African Information Websites:

  1. Pat Smith has created a Passenger List Website dealing with Natal Settlers.
  2. There is a website devoted to South African 'Stamouers' or the Progenitors of South African families in South Africa.
  3. For German Genealogy in South Africa, visit the German Genealogical Research in South Africa website.

War & Casualty Related Websites:

  1. The War Museum of the Boer Republics - also called the Anglo-Boer War Museum has a web site or can be contacted by email.
  2. The Anglo-Boer War website has a wealth of information.
  3. If you're looking for information on the graves of your ancestors killed during the World Wars,  visit the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

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