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Welcome to my South African Genealogy Page.

So you want to trace your South African Roots?

You will find information here on how to research your own family, regardless of where in the world you come from.

More specifically these pages will provide information on how to research your genealogy and family history in South Africa.


To have some of the most Frequently Asked Questions answered, go to the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)  page.
Getting Started, go to the Beginner's Page.
To see an explanation and examples of the working documents, go to the Working Documents Page.
If you want to find out more about conducting genealogical research in South Africa, go to the SA Genealogy Page.
To discover what sources of information there are together with an explanation of the information contained in each source, go to the Sources Page.
For information on how to contact the various sources of information, go to the Address Page.
To obtain information about what general genealogical and related books are used by South African Genealogists, go to the Bibliography Page.
To see a map of South Africa, showing the nine new provinces, go to my South African Map.
To find out who owns what genealogical references and is prepared to do look-ups, go to the Owners Page.
To find out who is researching which surnames in the Southern African Region and their contact details, go to the Surname Interests Page.
If you need a researcher to assist you here in South Africa, or elsewhere, for a fee, please visit the Researchers Page.
If you want to join the SA Genealogy E-Mail Discussion List you will find the details here.
If you need to decipher one or two Afrikaans words and need a translator, please visit the words page. There is a glossary of words used in common genealogy publications and also a summary of legal terms used.
For some of my favourite genealogical links please go to my Links Page.

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