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Origins of the name Küsel

Spelling and origin of the name : Küsel

The origin and meaning of the name is unclear but my records at least partly correspond to those of Dave Kusel in the USA, namely from : Kreisel or Kessel (English - Kettle) or Tranküsel (English -Lamp). The latter two often being used to describe a boring or fat person (Not very flattering). The spelling apparently varies amongst the following: Küsel, Küßel, Küssel, Küsell, Kusel, Kussel, Kuesel, etc. (ß=ss is often used in German). We in South Africa still use the Küsel, although the " (umlaut) is often lost in the local English and Afrikaans official correspondence.

Anybody with the above surnames or their descendants, send an E-Mail to Heinz Küsel or write to the address on my home page.

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