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Küsel Ancestry (USA)

According to my records a certain Küsel descendant from the original Vorwerk ancestry left for the USA after World War I. So some of you in the US are direct family. Where are you and who are you? Place names that are mentioned are Deshler and Malinta in the state of Ohio.

I received the following email on 21 April 1999 from Heidi Salyers, her mother is Bonnie Salyers (nee Kuesel X -2 below), second daughter of Otto William Küsel. Isn't the internet great as we have made contact for the first time after the ancestral family split in the 18th century.

See below for details of ancestry according to my records.

IV - Wilhelm Christoph Küsel

Wilhelm Christoph Küsel, * Vorwerk (KB Schneverdingen) 26 December 1779, + 16 January 1838, Servant at Vorwerk; not ¥ Katharina Kohnen (Köncke), * ...(in Kspl Brockel) app. 1775, + ..., House maid at Vorwerk and app. 1813 at Heber; ¥ Schneverdingen 28 April 11805 Trina Grethe Dehning (Dehncken), * Wieckhorst (KB Schneverdingen) 18 January 1779, + Schülern 15 January 1829, Daughter of Hinrich Jochen Dehncken, Servant at Wieckhorst, and Anne Röhrs. 1 Child born at Vorwerk, # 2-8 at Schülern (both in district of Schneverdingen). The first son was:

V - Peter Hinrich Küsel

Peter Hinrich Küsel, * Vorwerk (KB Schneverdingen) 18 June 1798, + Ilhorn (StA Neuenkirchen), Kr. Soltau, 18 May 1884, Altenteiler ebd., formerly servant at Vorwerk and from 1837 at Wieckhorst; went to school in Heber, confirmed at Schneverdingen at Easter 1813;

¥ #1 ... between March 1819 and August 1820 Anna Maria Brockmann, * Steinbeck (KB Schneverdingen) 12 May 1794, + Vorwerk 19 July 1835 (Daughter of Wilhelm B., Temporary manager at Steinbeck, and Anna Maria Meyer) - She married her first husband Hinrich Jürgen Küsel, Servant at Vorwerk at Schneverdingen on 27 November 1814.

¥ #2 Schneverdingen 15 November 1835 Sophia Margarethe Brockmann, * Gröps (KB Schneverdingen) 17 January 1802, + Wieckhorst (KB Schneverdingen) 16 January 1871, Daughter of Christoph B., Servant, and Trin Grethe Langeloh. Children #1-7 were born at Vorwerk, #8-10 at Wieckhorst. The sixth child was:

VI - Hinrich Christoph Küsel

Hinrich Christoph Küsel, * Vorwerk (KB Schneverdingen) 19 February 1829, + 9 May 1902, Builder formerly servant at Wieckhorst; ¥ Schneverdingen 30 April 1858 Catharina Elisabeth Gathmann, * Steinbeck (KB Bispingen) 2 October 1837, + Schülern 20 June 1907, Daughter of Johann Christoph G., Miller and manager at Steinbeck, and Elisabeth Bockelmann. Children #1-4 born at Wieckhorst, #5-7 at Schülern (both in district of Schneverdingen). The second son was:

VII - Heinrich Wilhelm Karl Küsel

Heinrich Wilhelm Karl Küsel, * Wieckhorst (KB Schneverdingen) 14 November 1861, + Schülern 8 October 1941, Servant at Wieckhorst; ¥ Schülern 8 July 1866 Anna Marie Bargmann, * Wieckhorst (KB Schneverdingen) 17 March 1861, + Schülern 29 August 1931, Daughter of Hans Jürgen B., Servant at Wieckhorst, and Anna Marie Riebesell. 9 Children were born at Schülern. The sixth son was:

VIII - Otto Gustav Küsel

Otto Gustav Küsel, * Schülern 8 March 1896, Farmer (Deshler, Ohio, USA); ¥ Poughkeepsie in the state of New York 28 April 1924 Dora Sophie Vorwerk, * Sprengel StA Schülern) 17 March 1900, + Deshler (Ohio) 7 September 1936, Daughter of Friedrich V., Manager at Sprengel, and Sophia Bremer. 3 Children were born in the USA. They are:

IX - 1 Erika Dora Küsel

Erika Dora Küsel, * Poughkeepsie (New York) 21 October 1924; ¥ Deshler (Ohio) 7 January 1945 Delbert Rudolf Cordes, * Napoleon (Ohio) 6 August 1924, Farmer, Son of Ernest C and Caroline Wachtmann (Deshler (Ohio) USA). 3 Children were born in Deshler (Ohio) USA. They are:
X - 1 Linda Ann, * 1 June 1948.
X - 2 Larry Delbert, * 22 May 1950.
X - 3 Arlene Kay, * 13 May 1955.

IX - 2 Otto William Küsel

Otto William Küsel, * Holgate (Ohio) 17 April 1927, Farmer; ¥ Deshler (Ohio) 10 June 1951 (Double wedding with his brother below) Norma Ruth Ludemann, * Deshler (Ohio) 10 February 1933, Daughter of William L. and Sophia Seedorf (Deshler (Ohio) USA). Children # 1 & 3 were born in Deshler and #2 in Hamler (Ohio) USA. They are:
X - 1 Harry Otto, * 14 March 1952.
X - 2 Bonnie Jean, * 28 October 1954.
X - 3 Cynthia Kay, * 21 May 1957.

IX - 3 William Frederick Küsel

William Frederick Küsel, * Deshler (Ohio) 25 May 1931, Farmer; ¥ Deshler (Ohio) 10 June 1951 (Double wedding with his brother above) Doris Edna Meienburg, * Deshler (Ohio) 28 May 1933, Daughter of William M. and Louise Youngman (Malinta (Ohio) USA). 2 Children were born in Hamler (Ohio) USA. They are:
X - 1 Dianne Ruth, * 10 May 1952.
X - 2 Robert Lee, * 22 February 1954.
X - 3 Tina, * 3 July 1962


Email received on 21 April 1999 from Heidi Salyers @ grandaughter of Otto William Kuesel above:

HI! I FOUND YOUR PAGE WHEN I WAS LOOKING UP kUSEL ( WE SPELL IT KUESEL). My name is Heidi Salyers and Bonnie Salyers is my mom. she used to be Bonnie Kuesel. Otto William was my grandpa, unfortuanately he passed away in 1981 when I was only 1 year old. I am currently 19 and I attend Bowling Green State University. I am going to transfer to Findlay next year to play basketball.

I have 1 aunt, Cindy, and two uncles, Gary (not Harry) and Steve, born Sept. 24, 1960. The whole family lives within 20 miles of each other. Gary and Steve decided to follow in their dad's footsteps and farm. They have a huge farm. I had the pleasure of working for them last summer and we farmed at least 7 square miles. They started out farming just wheat, corn, and beans, but now they farm almost all vegtables. They are big on stake Tomatoes and cucumbers. Cindy works as a Physical Therapist Aide at the Wood County Hospital. my mom Bonnie works at the Campbell Soup plant in Napoleon Ohio.

My grandma Norma is still alive and so is my Great aunt Doris.(they are the two that got married at the same time to Bill and Otto) Bill also passed away in the late eighties. His three children Bob, Diane, and Tina are still alive. Tina was born on July 3, 1962 if you want to add that to your list. She lives in Fresno California with her husband Ed and their two sons Lance and Lucas. Diane is married and live on lake Diane in Michigan. She has one son Ty and two girls Tenille and Tosha. Bob is also married and he has three daughters; Sondra, Sarah, and Andrea. If you are interested Sondra has a web page of her own but it is under Kuesel, not Kusel. It shows some nice pictures of her family. She was recently engaged and she is getting married memorial weekend.

My other great aunt and uncle live right next door to be. They are Delbert and Erika Cordes. I just saw all three of their children on Easter and they are doing great. Linda has 1 daughter, Jennier, Larry has two boys, Travis and Patrick, and one girl, Jill ( she is my age and we are great friends). Arlene has 1 boy and 1 girl named CJ and Angie.

Gary has two sons named Troy and Kent and Steve has three sons Mitch, Keith, and Drew. Cindy is married with no children and I have one sister named Dawn and I also have a wonderful niece named Raine.

Sorry for boring you with all of these names, but I think you should know everybody. I am really glad that I found this and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and please email me back and tell me about yourself. Sorry if I mispelled any words.


Anybody who knows any of the above persons or any of their descendants, family or friends, please send an E-Mail to Heinz Küsel or write to the address on my home page.

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