Violet (ALBUM)
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DISCLAIMER: the following descriptions and opinions are of a preview of the album and are provided for fan-reference only. Violet is not yet commercially available and therefore details such as song-selection, tracklisting, production credits, supplied song-durations and even some musical elements are still tentative. These may differ from the publisher's commercial release.

The album immediately captivates the listener with the ominous introductory harpsichord notes of I Wanna Fly. Weird electronic basslines, dynamic drumloops and Violet's enchanting vocals create a dark and tempting soundscape. But Violet is not just a talented singer and composer, she also writes lyrics full of angst and depth that illuminate an artist with a multi-faceted style. Her mature outlook is perfectly illustrated in Your House, a powerful pop-ballad about a scorned and depressed woman who breaks into her ex-lover's house. Dark Side starts with Violet's voice multi-layered into a wonderfully creepy pseudo-chant, with crystal-clear piano notes piercing the shadowy arrangement. In a time when the music industry can best be described as 'been-there, done-that', it is clearly evident that Nemo Studios has made a great effort in crafting a pop album for the new millennium, one that continually defies expectations. Adventurous listeners will be delighted by tracks that swing from contemporary rock elements like screeching electric guitars, to influences of trip-hop jazz or neo-industrial pop, to the intimate orchestral string accompaniment of The Fairest Of All Seasons. With a mood that lingers long after the final song has drawn to a close, the album can be divided into four distinct sections illustrated by the different production teams who were involved. Continue to check FPWeb for a more detailed look at the album in the near-future. What is certain, is that soon we will all be invited into Violet's spellbinding world of passion and longing. Exclusive world-first review October 2002


Release Date unknown
Label Edel
Catalogue #  

1. I Wanna Fly
2. Your House
3. Rain
4. This Life
5. Here Is The Child
6. Push Me
7. Boxlife
8. There's Hunger
9. When I Find The Moon
10. I Am Sleeping
11. Dark Side
12. Are You Crying
13. The Fairest Of All Seasons
14. Wasted Life (unconfirmed track-title)


Executive Producer: Frank Peterson
Tracks 1, 2, 10, 13 Produced by: Frank Peterson and Michael Soltau
Tracks 3, 4, 5, 11 Produced by: Stephen Hague
Tracks 6, 7 , 8, 9 Produced b:y Violet, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann
Track 12 Produced by: Franz Plasa