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Frank Peterson
Michael Soltau
Stephen Hague

HIS brand-new project from Frank Peterson is in fact fronted by a vocalist who has been with the team since 1999. Violet's original moniker was Eve and as such can be found credited on various recent Nemo Studio releases. Starting work writing lyrics for some of Princessa's songs off I Won't Forget You, Eve later also featured as a backing-vocalist on La Luna and Chapter II.

However Frank was so impressed with her songwriting, voice and musical ideas, that in late 2000 he decided it was time for her to record a solo album. During production Eve's name was ultimately changed to Violet, to avoid confusion with American rap-singer EVE. Besides tracks from Frank, Michael Soltau, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann, this album also marks Peterson's first time collaboration with producer Stephen Hague.

The result is Violet's dark and unique tour-de-force of pop-rock music, matched only by the singer's brooding image and mature lyrics. The album was initially set to be released in mid-2003 but the release date is currently unknown.

You're on the dark side, you're on my side...run from the daylight, under the night sky...if you're on my side...fall into my eyes, you're on the Dark Side...
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