EMO STUDIOS is the state-of-the-art recording studio where practically all Frank Peterson's work has been recorded. It has facilities for production, arrangement, mixing and digital recording of instruments and voice. The studio now has an official site, launched in 2005.

The name of the studio was inspired by the Sarah Brightman song, Captain Nemo and is in no way related to the Nemo Studios of Vangelis — it was merely a coincidence.

For any song, a basic track of music is recorded first, then the vocals are recorded, before modelling and arranging the music some more around the vocals.

The studio is centred around the computer system Protools, with the MIDI sequencer being Logic Audio. However, his favourite sequencer is the hardware-based Akai MPC 60 and he prefers to work with 3 Audioframe devices which he has had for about 12 years now.

Also located at the studio are all the guitars, samplers, effects units and 120 keyboard/synthesisers used on the albums. Nemo Studios has a stock of roughly 8000 CDs and 3000 records which displays the diversity of music that Frank likes.

In late-1999 the studio was moved to Frank's new residence and outfitted by Gunther Wagner for Soundtracs, a company providing digital audio consoles and mixing-desks to roughly 300 studios around the world — amongst others Peter Townsend and Mark Knopfler. Visit the Official Soundtracs Website for more information.

Over the years, for various Peterson-projects, other studios have been used for recording backing vocals and orchestral recordings (which require specialised studios such as the one at Abbey Road Studios), however Nemo Studios is considered the main base of operations for Frank and his albums.
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