Live From Las Vegas: The Harem World Tour (DVD)
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Easily Sarah's biggest, boldest, most expensive and most impressive live show ever – October 2004 marks the simultaneous release of Sarah's newest live recording on CD and DVD. This Las Vegas performance for her world tour to promote the Harem album was recorded in front of a sold-out audience. If you have a DVD player, the DVD is definitely the edition to consider – the 2 disc set presents the entire concert including seven tracks not found on the companion CD (Beautiful, Nella Fantasia, Stranger In Paradise, No One Like You, Arabian Nights, What A Wonderful World, The Journey Home). Over an hour of extra features take you behind the scenes for the preparations of the tour concerts as well as a collection of hundreds of photos. And if you have a home theater system complete with surround sound then the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix and the even more emotive DTS track will put you right in the middle of this Middle Eastern desert fantasy. Although there are several tracks that have been featured in previous concerts – such as Who Wants To Live Forever, Nessun Dorma, Time To Say Goodbye, and the much repeated Phantom Of The Opera – this concert provided exciting visualizations and performances of powerful hits off the new album such as Harem, It's A Beautiful Day, The War Is Over, and The Journey Home. With remarkable sound, a splendour of colour, exotic costumes and sets, the stage comes alive to keep the viewer enthralled for hours.


Release Date October 2004
Label Angel Records
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1. Kama Sutra  
2. Harem (Cancao do Mar)  
3. Beautiful  
4. It's A Beautiful Day  
5. Dust In The Wind  
6. Who Wants To Live Forever  
7. Anytime, Anywhere - interlude  
8. Anytime, Anywhere  
9. Nella Fantasia  
10. Stranger In Paradise  
11. La Luna  
12. Nessun Dorma  
13. No One Like You  
14. Arabian Nights  
15. The War Is Over  
16. Free  
17. What A Wonderful World  
18. A Whiter Shade of Pale  
19. The Phantom of the Opera Suite  
20. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again  
21. Time To Say Goodbye  
22. The Journey Home  
23. A Question of Honor  
(DISC 2)
  The Making Of The Harem Tour  
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— tracks 3, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, and 22 are only featured on the DVD edition and are not available on the CD version