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Eden represented a greater refinement of Sarah's now-famous style of classical crossover. While Timeless was primarily a serious orchestral affair, Frank Peterson allowed for this album to chart more adventurous territory with greater use of synthesisers and modern drumloops. The opening track and title song effectively cast us within this mesmerising new land of Sarah's, with ominous Gregorian-style chanting, electronic instruments and redemptive chorus. The album is lifted even further by modern tracks such as Deliver Me with its primal backing vocals, the plaintive folkish guitar-strumming of Dust In The Wind and the epic ballad Only An Ocean Away as well as Sarah's Italian-lyric version of the "Titanic" theme My Heart Will Go On. The album ends climactically with Sarah's rendition of Nessun Dorma which had previously been a male-voiced conceit. However one of the best tracks off the album has to be Anytime, Anywhere which seems to perfect the concept of Italian opera and English lyrics all atop a readily-accessible blend of orchestral strings and pop sensibilities.


Release Date 9 November 1998
Label Angel Records / EMI
Catalogue Number 7243 5 56769 2 / CDELJ (WF) 133
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1. In Paradisum
  Music & Lyrics: Brightman and Peterson
2. Eden SINGLE
  Music & Lyrics: Callier
3. So Many Things
  Music: Traditional / Adapted by: Peterson / Lyrics: Brightman
4. Anytime, Anywhere
  Music: Albinoni / Adapted by: Peterson and Soltau / Lyrics: Ferrau and Brightman
5. Bailero
  Music: Traditional / Adapted by: Peterson
6. Dust In The Wind
  Music & Lyrics: K Lirgren
7. Il Mio Cuore Va
  Music: James Horner / Lyrics: Will Jennings / Italian Lyrics: Michelangelo La Bionda and Carmelo La Bionda
8. Deliver Me
  Music & Lyrics: J Marsh and H Marsh
9. Un Jour Il Viendra
  Music: Gabriel Yared / Lyrics: Michael Jonasz
10. Nella Fantasia
  Music: Ennio Morricone / Italian Lyrics: Ferrau
11. Tu
  Music & Lyrics: José Maria Cano
12. Lascia Ch'io Pianga
  Music and Lyrics: GF Haendel / Adapted by: Peterson
13. Only An Ocean Away
  Music: Per Andréason / Lyrics: Per Andréason and Don Black
14. Scéne D'Amour
  Music: Francis Lai
15. Nessun Dorma
  Music & Lyrics: Puccini / Adapted by: Peterson


Produced by: Frank Peterson
Orchestrated by: Paul Bateman
Track 13 Original String Arrangement by: Per Andréason

Orchestra: The English National Orchestra
Orchestra Leaders: Gavin Wright and Rolf Wilson
Orchestra Conducted by: Paul Bateman
Orchestral Supervision: Rob McIntosh
Keyboards: Michael Soltau and Frank Peterson
Guitars: Peter Weihe
Sitar: Jonathan Mayer
Harp: Skalia Kanga, Hugh Webb, Ruth Holden and Alison Martin
Oboe: John Anderson
Percussion: Gillian McDonagh
Choir: The New College Oxford Choir
Add. Backing Vocals: Miriam Stockley, Tessa Niles, Gunther Laudahn, Linda Fields, Veronica Lee and Victoria Miles

Recorded at: Nemo Studios (Hamburg), Nemo Studios (London), Angel Studios (London), Bal Harbour Studio (Miami), Abbey Road Studios (London) and on location at The Oxford Church
Mixed & Engineered
by: Michael Soltau, John Timperly and Frank Peterson
Assistant Engineers: David Walter, Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner

Microphones by: BRAUNER

Photography: Simon Fowler
Design & Art Direction: Yacht Associates

— American version of Eden released in April 1999 with appended track The Last Words You Said, a duet with Richard Marx later made available to Europeans on the Sarah Brightman compilation The Very Best Of 1990 — 2000
— a special German edition of this album is a double CD with Eden on one disc, and the Time To Say Goodbye single on the other, with Desert Rose as a bonus track
— a special Millennium Edition consisting of Eden and Timeless packaged together, was released in Spain in November 1999 with the bonus-track Desert Rose


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