The Very Best Of 1990 — 2000 (ALBUM)
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The sixteen tracks of this 'greatest-hits' collection, serve as a perfect introduction to a breathtaking career, from Dive to La Luna. However, long-time Sarah fans won't find much new here. As with all such compilations some may argue about the reasoning behind the inclusion and exclusion of certain tracks. But all the major hits from Time To Say Goodbye to A Whiter Shade Of Pale and A Question Of Honour are present and accounted for, as well as live concert-versions of La Mer and Captain Nemo. With a few exceptions though, the collection is decidedly pop-orientated and does not contain much of Sarah's opera career, which on later albums became her major selling point. The reasoning for this may have been due to the opera-orientated album Classics being released later that year.


Release Date 28 May 2001
Label EastWest Records
Catalogue # 8573 88362-2 / EW-851 / LC 01557
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1. A Question Of Honour — Part 2 (Radio Edit)
  Music & Lyrics: F. Peterson
2. Heaven Is Here
  Music: Schwarz, Meissner, Peterson / Lyrics: Schwarz, Brightman
3. Who Wants To Live Forever
  Music & Lyrics: Brian May
4. Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)
  Music: L. Quarantotto / Lyrics: F. Sartori, F. Peterson
5. Tu Quieres Volver (Radio Remix Version)
  Music & Lyrics: Gipsy Kings
6. Just Show Me How To Love You (Tu Cosa Fai Stasera)
  Music: D.B. Bembo / Lyrics: A. Cassella, Peterson, Laisa
7. Eden
  Music & Lyrics: Callier
8. Nella Fantasia
  Music: Ennio Morricone / Italian Lyrics: Ferrau
9. Deliver Me
  Music & Lyrics: J Marsh and H Marsh
10. Only An Ocean Away
  Music: Per Andréason / Lyrics: Per Andreason and Don Black
11. Scarborough Fair
  Music & Lyrics: Traditional / Adapted by: Frank Peterson
12. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Radio Edit)
  Music & Lyrics: Gary Brooker and Keith Reid
13. First Of May
  Music & Lyrics: R Gibb, M Gibb and B Gibb
14. Captain Nemo (Live Version)
  Music: F. Peterson, Holmberg / Lyrics: Lancelot
15. La Mer (Live Version)
  Music: Peterson / Lyrics: Peterson, Brightman
16. The Last Words You Said
  Music & Lyrics: R Marx and J Clewer


Tracks 1 & 2 Produced by: Frank Peterson and Sarah Brightman
Tracks 3 — 15 Produced by: Frank Peterson
Track 16 Produced by: Richard Marx
Track 1 Co-produced by: Alex Christensen
Track 2 Co-produced by: Matthias Meissner and Thomas Schwarz
Track 13 Arranged by: Paul Bateman

Track 4 Male Vocals by: Andrea Bocelli
Track 6 Male Vocals by: Jose Cura
Track 16 Male Vocals by: Richard Marx

Photography: Simon Fowler and Ellen von Unwerth

Management: OK Visions Entertainment

— track 1 version taken from A Whiter Shade Of Pale CD-single. Original full-length version available on Fly
— track 2 taken from Fly
— track 3, 4, 5 and 6 taken from Timeless
— tracks 7, 8, 9 and 10 taken from Eden
— tracks 11 and 12 taken from La Luna
— track 13 is a studio version of a track originally found on the European release of La Luna
— tracks 14 and 15 are renditions from the One Night In Eden concert of songs featured on Dive
— track 16 taken from American version of Eden