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ANDRA became extremely famous in the 1980s with her songs heating up the dancefloors across Europe. Even before that, she sang in a pop-group called Arabesque who had many successes, especially in Japan.

Her first hit as Sandra was Maria Magdalena in 1985, written by her soon-to-be husband Michael Cretu. It was also on this song that Frank Peterson first became known, playing keyboard in Sandra's band. He can also be seen in the accompanying music-video, playing the shoulder-sling keyboard. Later that year Sandra's debut album The Long Play was released, with successive albums being released at yearly intervalsL: Mirrors (1986), Ten On One (1987) and Into A Secret Land in 1988. A string of hits followed including In the Heat of the Night, Hi! Hi! Hi!, Heaven Can Wait and Midnight Man. Many of these tracks were co-composed by Hubert Kemmler of Hubert KaH fame. For more than five years Sandra ruled the airwaves and hearts of Europe.

Over the years, Frank Peterson began to take a more active role in the arranging of the albums with Cretu, culminating in their joint work for Paintings In Yellow. Peterson co-composed especially noteworthy tracks such as Johnny Wanna Live a gentle ballad about the mistreatment of animals, The Skin I'm In and the mysterious epic The Journey which many have cited as the precursor of the Enigma style.

In 1990 the first Enigma album, MCMXC a.D. was released with the wispy French vocals being sung by Sandra. After Frank parted company with Cretu, he only met Sandra once again in December 1990. Sandra's tour-manager contacted Frank and asked whether he would not mind helping by playing keyboards at a concert she was giving near Hamburg. And so Peterson drove to the town for one last performance with her.

Michael Cretu composed and produced Sandra's 1992 album Close To Seven which featured many Enigma-traits. The album was well-received primarily because of all the new fans Enigma had brought. Sandra sang on the second Enigma album and completed another solo album in 1995 entitled Fading Shades. This very chirpy, pop-dance album did not fair as well as her previous outings, and was primarily composed by Jens Gad who had started collaborating with Cretu.

This was followed by a 2-CD 'best-of' compilation My Favourites in 1999 which featured some of Sandra's top hits chosen by her. The first disc contained the original hits and the second featured modern remixes of some of her other hits.

After a few years retirement to take care of her two children, she returned with The Wheel Of Time in 2002.
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