:: mini-bio
Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner co-wrote many songs for a variety of projects with Frank Peterson. The three collaborated closely for the first three Princessa albums, the early Sarah Brightman releases and Marky Mark's Life In The Streets.

Schwarz was born on 1 December 1963 and grew up in a small town in Germany. He started learning to play guitar at the age of 12 and was soon playing in a variety of rock-bands. On the albums he performs guitar, keyboard and background-vocals.

Meissner was born on 19 February 1968 and was somehow certain he would one day work in the music world. He learnt to play piano when he was 13 and was soon producing demo-tapes. Matthias played lead keyboard parts and some drum parts for many of the songs to come out of the Frank Peterson hit-factory in the 1990s. Matthias also plays keyboards for a Rock-Soul-Blues group called Wesseloh Beach Band, who have been going for about twenty years now.

Thomas got to know Matthias Meissner in 1988 when they were working in the same music shop in Lüneburg, Germany. Some time later, Thomas spent a holiday in Spain where he met Frank, who was working at the time with Michael Cretu on Enigma. Thomas and Frank became good friends and on returning to Germany began working together. Thomas remembered Meissner's keyboard talents and brought him onto the team. And so the original Nemo Studios powerhouse was created.

Although music takes up most of their time, both Matthias and Thomas like to relax by playing video-games.