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Michael Cretu (Curly M.C.) was the first producer with whom Frank Peterson worked. Cretu was born in Roumania and started in the music industry as a studio-engineer in Germany. By the time he and Peterson met in Hamburg, Cretu had released a German-language solo album in 1978 with Michael on vocals.

It was through his studio work, that he met Sandra Lauer and offered to produce her first single. Cretu married Sandra in 1987 and the two moved to the island of Ibiza, Spain shortly before 1990 where they still live today. In 1996 they had twins named Nikita and Sebastian.

Together Michael Cretu and Peterson formed Enigma, which has been their most famous production together. They also remixed the track Automatic Lover for Dee D. Jackson. Besides working on albums for Sandra and Enigma, Michael Cretu started new projects including Trance Atlantic Air Waves and albums for singer Andru Donalds all produced in his sophisticated A.R.T. Studios located at his home.

During his career Cretu has also worked with Hubert KaH, Boney M, Mike Oldfield and Peter Cornelius.