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Alex Christensen was the mastermind behind techno-project U96. Born on 7 April 1967, the Hamburg-based DJ/producer got his first taste of fame in 1991 when he spearheaded that group's powerful techno single Das Boot, a remix of the theme-song from the German movie of the same name. This track became an instant smash in Germany and other parts of Europe. A string of albums and singles were released by U96 over the following decade, with hits like I Wanna Be A Kennedy and Club Bizarre.

In 1994 Alex's former girlfriend was running Warner Chappell, which looked after Frank Peterson's administrative company Petersongs. She knew that Alex was not happy with the people he was working with at the time and so she organised a meeting between the two producers. 3 weeks after his initial introduction to Frank, Christensen was offered the Marky Mark project and so Frank and Alex's partnership began with the album Life In The Streets. Alex's administration company was originally called Pink as reflected in that album's credits, but was later changed to AC Music.

In the same year Frank and Alex also formed the group PeCh which released not only its branded singles but also under this name the duo provided various remixes for other artists. Peterson later invited Alex to co-produce tracks found on Sarah Brightman's Fly and Princessa's Calling You. The two also worked on the Bravo All Stars single Let The Music Heal Your Soul which was conceived by Alex with lyrics written by him.

Christensen's most recent success was producing the album Planet Pop for pop-dance group ATC. Nowadays he is recording a project under his own name called Alex C.

Due to their current busy schedules, Frank and Alex have been unable to collaborate again recently, but they look forward to doing so in the future. Visit the Official U96 Website (German).