All I Want (ALBUM)
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DISCLAIMER: the following descriptions and opinions are of a preview of the album and are provided for fan-reference only. All I Want is not yet commercially available and therefore details such as song-selection, tracklisting, production credits, supplied song-durations and even some musical elements are still tentative. These may differ from the publisher's commercial release.

It's been more than two years now since we last heard anything from the Spanish princess of pop Princessa. But FPWeb is the first and only site to bring you in-depth information about her forthcoming album All I Want. The thirteen brand-new tracks see Princessa deftly crossing between the upbeat dance styles of her earlier albums and the guitar-pop sound crafted for her 1999 release I Won't Forget You. The production of this new Princessa album is as smooth and crisp as always, but the team have also paid greater attention this time to employing further vocal and instrumental effects-processing techniques, as well as more layered backing-vocal arrangements. Although it would have been welcome to see even more faster dance songs included and lyrics deal a little more about things other than love, almost every track is immediately accessible and memorable. All I Want is a very appropriate title for the album, as these thirteen tracks cover all the styles and genres that Princessa fans have come to want and enjoy from her! From the fast eurodance elements on songs like All I Want and Whatever Makes Your Love Grow (a throwback to her 1997 album Calling You), to the Swede-pop style and hip-hop beats of Lonely and Anytime You Need Me (which capitalise on the previous popularity of artists such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys), and the rock-anthem sound of I Don't Wanna Live Without You or Love Is A Stranger to the ballad-beautiful Sino Estas Aqui. Despite the differing styles the result is a tight production, with tracks fitting well with one another, arguably creating Princessa's best album to date. If you enjoyed any of Princessa's previous albums you are sure to love this — the wait has been worth it! Congratulations to Frank Peterson, Axel Breitung, Arn Schlürmann and the Nemo Studios teams. FPWeb would also like to wish Princessa all the success she deserves on this new album! Exclusive world-first review October 2002


Release Date Unknown
Label Edel
Catalogue #  

1. All I Want
  Music & Lyrics: Princessa
2. Alone
  Music & Lyrics: Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann
3. Anything
  Music & Lyrics: Lucas Hilbert and Arn Schlürmann
4. I Want You To Want Me
  Music & Lyrics: Max Martin and Jacob Schulze
5. Love Is A Stranger
  Music & Lyrics: Christian Draude
6. Lonely
  Music & Lyrics: Princessa
7. I Wish I Could Stay
  Music & Lyrics: Thomas Schwarz, Matthias Meissner and Frank Peterson
8. I Don't Wanna Live Without You
  Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung
9. What Did You Say?
  Music & Lyrics: Princessa
10. Anytime You Need Me
  Music & Lyrics: Arn Schlürmann and Axel Breitung
11. What's Going On?
  Music & Lyrics: Princessa
12. Whatever Makes Your Love Grow
  Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung
13. Sino Estas Aqui
  Music: Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner / Lyrics: Princessa


Executive Producer: Frank Peterson
Tracks 1 & 13 Produced by: Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner
Tracks 2 & 9 Produced by: Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann
Tracks 3, 4 & 10 Produced by: Arn Schlürmann at Little Bear Studio
Track 5 Produced by: Christian Draude
Tracks 6, 8 & 12 Produced by: Axel Breitung at Bishop Audio
Track 7 Produced by: Thomas Schwarz, Matthias Meissner and Frank Peterson
Track 7 Co-Produced by: Dieter Falk
Track 11 Produced by: Gunther Laudahn and Anna-Lena Strasse

Track 7 Male Vocals by: Marque


All I Want (Music & Lyrics: Princessa)
The album kicks into high-gear from the very first second already with the bright, bouncy synths and sweeping pads of the title-track. Princessa's voice is also heard practically immediately with sputtering vocal-echoes, before a punchy drumloop enters to accompany her sensual pre-chorus. The music explodes with a string-crescendo into a catchy refrain, supported by powerful dance textures. Second verse is accompanied by faint percussive organs and the chorus is followed by a short bridge with distant distorted vocals. The ending chorus repeats while gradually fading out. A great opening track for the album and a possible contender for single-release. TRACKLISTING

Alone (Music & Lyrics: Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann)
The introductory guitar strumming may lead one to think this is yet another version of Once In a Lifetime, but Princessa's chorus soon dispels this belief. Instrumentation consists mainly of guitar, faint piano, gentle chords and gravelly hip-hop beats which makes for a pop-ballad that is romantic, although not necessarily as striking as some of the tracks featured later. TRACKLISTING

Anything (Music & Lyrics: Lucas Hilbert and Arn Schlürmann)
This is the first song on the new album with a stronger rock influence, demonstrated by the heavy presence of both electric and acoustic guitars together with a straight, steady beat. Light celesta notes play the chorus melody along with Princessa's vocals creating a fun pop-rock sound. TRACKLISTING

I Want You To Want Me (Music & Lyrics: Max Martin and Jacob Schulze)
A surprise and indeed superb, cover-version of the hit-song originally performed by Scandinavian girl-group Solid Harmonie back in 1997. This faster party-orientated version brings the track right up to date, with dramatic electric-guitar stabs, lively vocal interludes and fantastic drum fills — all perched atop a spikey saw-lead synthesiser bassline. Princessa easily handles the multiple verses and chorus vocals which in the original version, were performed by four different singers. In fact this lively cover makes the original sound rather outdated and obsolete! TRACKLISTING

Love Is A Stranger (Music & Lyrics: Christian Draude)
Electric-guitar chord strumming and nice backing-vocal arrangements return us to the rock-pop sound we heard earlier on Anything, but this track is much harder than its counterpart. Lilting synth-harp arpeggios cascade across the verses softly in the background. Princessa's singing is more confident than ever on this new album, from lead vocals to backing choirs and ad-libbed voice. TRACKLISTING

Lonely (Music & Lyrics: Princessa)
The key elements of a good Swede-pop song are an uplifting verse, counterpointed by boisterous elements like orchestra hits and hip-hop beats combined with a catchy pre-chorus which tricks the listener into thinking this is the song's climax but quickly explodes into an instantly memorable and cheerful refrain. Lonely captures all these ingredients perfectly and the use of a small choir to support certain phrases helps to expand the overall sound tremendously. Perhaps the only criticism that can be levelled is the similarity in title to Alone. TRACKLISTING

I Wish I Could Stay (Music & Lyrics: Thomas Schwarz, Matthias Meissner and Frank Peterson)
After all that upbeat music, we need to slow down slightly for the big pop-ballad duet with male vocalist Marque. The intimate arrangement consists of orchestral string-ensemble accompanied by tender quarter-note piano chords which repeat throughout, in a similar fashion to the Sarah Brightman rendition of Who Wants to Live Forever. Marque sings one complete verse, with Princessa taking on the pre-chorus which culminates in them both singing the chorus each time. Their voices are well-suited to one another, something that can be difficult (but exceptionally important) to achieve in duets. This touching song would sound perfect as the closing-credits theme of a romance film. TRACKLISTING

I Don't Wanna Live Without You (Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung)
Princessa sings the song-title with vigorous acoustic guitar strumming which instantly hooks the listener, before the arrangement explodes into an upbeat and unrelenting radio-friendly hit. The opening guitar rhythm forms the backbone of the song and thereby maintains a sense of urgency and immediacy throughout. This track is possibly the best example on the album of combining sing-along pop with aggressive rock guitars and Swede-dance elements such as abrupt stabs and dynamic rhythmic breakdowns. The result is a piece that is imminently re-listenable and one that finishes all too soon! TRACKLISTING

What Did You Say? (Music & Lyrics: Princessa)
And now for something a bit different: a more American-style R'n'B track with electric-piano chords, funky bass and synth brass. It is commendable to hear Princessa attempt different musical genres but sadly this jazz-pop style cannot compete effectively with the rest of the tracks, making it the least impressive song on the album. TRACKLISTING

Anytime You Need Me (Music & Lyrics: Arn Schlürmann and Axel Breitung)
Although the simple introductory guitar melody of this track shares some similarities with Lonely, its slower tempo and sparse accompaniment make it closer in style to Alone, resulting in a pop song that is an interesting cross-over between the two. As with all the compositions on this album, the chorus is easy to follow and quickly picked up — vital for pop-music success! TRACKLISTING

What's Going On? (Music & Lyrics: Princessa)
A darker rock-ballad with Princessa's vocals initially just accompanied by solo acoustic guitar, creating an interesting 'unplugged' sound. About twenty seconds in though, soft suspended strings are heard in the background, before the drum-track kicks in soon afterwards. With the second pre-chorus and its added pulsing guitar bass, the song builds towards a climax of Princessa's chorus being echoed by a group of backing vocalists. Although there is quite a bit of guitar on the new album, this song refreshingly uses it in a more ominous way. However there is word that a different version of this song will appear on the final release. TRACKLISTING

Whatever Makes Your Love Grow (Music & Lyrics: Axel Breitung)
A wonderfully irresistible upbeat summer-hit song, beginning with airy guitar strumming, drowning synth sounds and inspiring strings which soon explode with reverse orchestra hits and relentless pop-dance drums. The verse steadily grows in strength, as if preparing us for a launch. Roughly 42 seconds into the song a percussion breakdown silences all backing music for a complete measure, allowing Princessa's voice to rise up and loudly proclaim the opening chorus line. The highly infectious refrain melody is supported by uplifting eurodance-style synthesisers and high piano; while every chorus measure ends with a few clean-guitar notes and backing-vocal echoes. The mood changes briefly for the minor-key bridge with a stronger piano accompaniment, before repeating the chorus as big as ever. This epic, carefree track triumphantly bolsters the last quarter of the album, leaving the listener wanting more. Anyone who hears it, will feel compelled to tap their feet and sing along to the grand chorus theme — which would make it ideal for a single-release. TRACKLISTING

Sino Estas Aqui (Music: Thomas Schwarz and Matthias Meissner / Lyrics: Princessa)
The only track on the album with Spanish lyrics also represents a completely different musical style for Princessa — not to mention a fantastic counterpoint to the happiness of the previous song. Eerie high-pitched synths open with a theme that is soon repeated by plaintive solo-violin, accompanied by soft chords and basic drum hit. This melds into the sparse verse instrumentation with its slow, yet pronounced, hip-hop beat. The chorus of lyrical "ba-da-da-da-da" scatting alternates with the words Sino Estas Aqui. However the high-point of the song is the fantastic bridge-section that follows, featuring a sample of a far-off soprano vocal atop a stripped-down version of the main drumloop. The operatic aria is all too quickly cut short, to return us to the violin theme and the second verse which features occasional notes from the soprano. Staccato synth-voices support the repeat of the haunting chorus, drawing the song (and thereby the album) to a close. With its dreamy instrumentation and heavy use of vocoder effects on Princessa's voice, this tragic ballad makes for a superb choice to round off the album. Its maturity of arrangement and inspiration is sure to surprise and impress even long-time Princessa fans, who may have thought they'd heard all the styles her albums cover! TRACKLISTING