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Frank Peterson
Alex Christensen
Chris Thompson
Scatman John
Two Good

ECH is the group formed by Frank Peterson and Alex Christensen after their first project together Life in the Streets. The name comes from the first two letters of the producers' surnames: PEterson CHristensen.

As PeCh they have released two maxi-CD singles Blinded By The Light and Smile On Your Face, although all-in-all they have made three songs, with Let Yourself Go being the B-side on the latter single. These were intended as carefree techno-numbers aimed squarely at the clubs with Frank as 'the musician' and Alex as 'the DJ'. Under this name, the duo also made remixes for Scatman John and Two Good.

The project is still open, at the very least as an avenue for the two to make dancier remixes of their songs.
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