Starship Troopers (SINGLE)
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Originally released in 1978, the track (I Lost My Heart To A) Starship Trooper was performed by Sarah Brightman while part of the group Hot Gossip. This light-hearted campy song told the tale of a woman in the far future being swept away by her love, Captain Strange. With a title like that and lyrics about fighting for the Federation, it was ideally suited to tie in with the release of Paul Verhoeven's superb sci-fi war film "Starship Troopers". Indeed the project name, United Citizen Federation, and logo used in the single's inlay are all taken from the movie. And so, exactly two decades after the original version, the Hot Gossip vocals were incorporated into the four dance remixes on this single. Surprisingly all four mixes are fairly varied. D-Bop's mix uses most of the vocals from the original track, as well as 1970s-style sound effects. However the stand-out version here would have to be Axel Breitung's Radio Remix which is the most effective with growling basslines and perky pizzicato synth-strings, robotic-vocal echoes and innovatively sprinkles snippets of dialogue from the film throughout the song.


Release Date 2 February 1998
Label Coalition Recordings International
Catalogue # COLA 040CD / EW773 / LC4281
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1. Starship Troopers (D-Bop's Saturday Nite Radio Edit)  
  Music & Lyrics: Hughes, Calvert and Frank Peterson
2. Starship Troopers (Axel Breitung's Radio Remix)  
  Music & Lyrics: Hughes, Calvert and Frank Peterson
3. Starship Troopers (Trouser Enthusiasts' Iris Unguicularis Mix)  
  Music & Lyrics: Hughes, Calvert and Frank Peterson
4. Starship Troopers (Rated PG's Club Mix)  
  Music & Lyrics: Hughes, Calvert and Frank Peterson


by: Frank Peterson
Track 1 Remix & Additional Production by: Dave Cross and Andy Allder
Track 2 Remix & Additional Production by: Axel Breitung
Track 3 Remix & Additional Production by: The Trouser Enthusiasts
Track 4 Remix & Additional Production by: Panos Liassi and Geoff Taylor
Track 1 Edited by: Tim Weidner
Track 3 Production Assisted by: Torsten Gasgoigne

Lead Female Vocals by: Sarah Brightman

— Frank Peterson's name is incorrectly credited on the single as Frank Petersen.