Like Flames (SINGLE)
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The fiercely confident Alannah Myles was born and raised in Canada. By her own accounts her writing has always been driven by vengeance and so, despite her parents' disapproval, she set out on a musical career at the age of 18. After a few years she had a huge success with her first single Black Velvet. Alannah won a Best Female Rock Performance Grammy Award for the resulting album. Like Flames is from one of her most recent albums, and this single was produced and arranged by Frank Peterson. From the get-go this is a boisterous track with harmonica, steady rock-beat, electric guitars, whistling instruments, rhythmic audience clapping and a rousing sing-along chorus. The single features only one true remix, namely the Deadline Remix which completely recasts the song by hinging it upon a spikey, growling electronic bassline and instrumentation filled with anger and noise. The featured Radio Version is, as expected, a shortened mix of the Album Version.


Release Date 20 November 2000
Label Universal International Music BV
Catalogue # 158 477-2 / LC10901

1. Like Flames (Radio Version)
  Music & Lyrics: Rob Brill
2. Like Flames (Album Version)
  Music & Lyrics: Rob Brill
3. Like Flames (Deadline Remix)
  Music & Lyrics: Rob Brill


Produced by: Frank Peterson
Arranged by: Frank Peterson, Carsten Heusmann and Jan-Eric Kohrs
Track 3 Remixed
by: Martin Himmelsbach
Keyboards & Programming: Frank Peterson, Carsten Heusmann and Jan-Eric Kohrs
Guitars: Gunther Laudahn
Track 2 Harp by: Steve Baker

Recorded at: Nemo Studios
Engineered, Recorded & Mixed by: Frank Peterson, Carsten Heusmann and Jan-Eric Kohrs

Photography by: Maruan Bahrour