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FRA HAZA was born in 1957 and went on to become one of Israel's most famous traditional folk-singers. She won the German equivalent of a Grammy Award for her performance in the theatre group Hatvika, and was runner-up in the 1983 Eurovision song contest. After a plethora of albums, her first major international success came from her rendition of the traditional Im Nin Alu in 1989. She continued her crossover career by teaming up with the group Sisters of Mercy in 1992, for a remix of their song Temple Of Love.

Frank Peterson had a friend who had just started working at BMG Records and the first project he had been given was Ofra Haza, who had recently been signed to the label. German dance-group Snap! had already produced an album for her, but Ofra was not happy with its direction. Frank was asked to meet Ofra in Tel Aviv, but unfortunately did not have the time in his current schedule as he had just completed Timeless. However his friend insisted that the two meet and so, Ofra was flown to Hamburg. She and Frank decided to make an album together, which would allow Ofra to explore modern dance but without losing her roots.

In 1997 the first Frank Peterson-composed single for Ofra Haza was released. Show Me combined a soaring and energetic Middle-Eastern string theme with strong ethnic drumming and dance beats, interlaced with seductive bass-lines and Ofra's expressive singing and chanting.

The self-titled album, Ofra Haza was released in late 1997, resulting in one of the best examples of Middle Eastern textures combined with European dance music. Frank produced and arranged the album, co-writing many songs with Ofra and her manager Bezalel Aloni. Featuring nine original tracks, a cover version and Frank's earth-shattering remix of Im Nin Alu.

Tragically this was to be Ofra Haza's final studio album, as she passed away on the evening of 23 February 2000 leaving a world in mourning. She will be dearly missed.
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