Sadisfaction (ALBUM)
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The album's title is a melding of the words 'sad' and 'satisfaction', in a similar way that Enigma's track Sadeness. So Sad shares some common elements with that group's hit: lonesome Gregorian chants against strong beats with breathy female vocals. Once In a Lifetime was first performed on this album, before being interpreted by Sarah Brightman and Princessa. The best track on the album is the epic The Quiet Self while the most surprising song is Monastry, which also uses Gregorian chants, but this time supported by hard-rock guitars making it a fun, enjoyable piece. Interestingly the backing of this arrangement was later used in the song Rain found only on Sarah Brightman's single The Second Element. Frank Peterson was credited as F. Gregorian as he had been on MCMXC a.D. while Susana Espelleta, who was married to him at the time, was credited as Peterson.


Release Date 1991
Label Metronome Musik GmbH (Hamburg)
Catalogue # 42284 93782 / 849 378-2 / LC 0270
Lyrics Available

1. Whatcha Gonna Do
  Music: F. Gregorian, Wehr / Lyrics: F. Gregorian, Weiss, Unwin
2. Once In A Lifetime SINGLE
  Music: F. Gregorian, Schwarz, Meissner / Lyrics: F. Gregorian, Unwin, Peterson
3. So Sad SINGLE
  Music & Lyrics: F. Gregorian
4. Forever
  Music: F. Gregorian, Wehr, Hagel / Lyrics: F. Gregorian, Peterson
5. The Quiet Self
  Music & Lyrics: F. Gregorian
6. Reflect
  Music: F. Gregorian / Lyrics: Unwin, Weiss
7. Monastry
  Music: F. Gregorian / Lyrics: F. Gregorian, Unwin
8. Gonna Make You Mine
  Music: Shwarz, F. Gregorian, Meissner / Lyrics: Shwarz, Weiss, Unwin
9. You Take My Breath Away
  Music: F. Gregorian / Lyrics: F. Gregorian, Unwin, Peterson
10. I Love You
  Music: Schwarz, F. Gregorian, Meissner / Lyrics: Schwarz, Weiss
11. Why Did You Go (I Feel Sad)
  Music: Wehr, Hagel / Lyrics: Wehr
12. The Mission
  Music & Lyrics: Wehr
13. Depressions
  Music & Lyrics: F. Gregorian


Produced & Arranged by: F. Gregorian
Tracks 1, 4, 11, 12 Co-Produced & Co-Arranged by: Michael Wehr

Lead Vocals: The Sisters Of Oz
Add. Keyboards: Michael Wehr and Matthias Meissner
Add. Programming: Michael Wehr
Guitars: Thomas Schwarz
Add. Vocals: Lori Laudahn, Gunther Laudahn and Thomas Schwarz

Mixed & Mastered by: Michael Wehr and F. Gregorian using Audioframe Workstation
Original Sound Recording by: Metronome Musik GmbH (Hamburg)

Photography: Thomas Müller
Design: Ingrid Albrecht


— The Sisters Of Oz are only credited on the actual compact disc, not in the booklet
— a bootleg version of this album contains 5 bonus tracks from Enigma-like groups who have no relation to Frank Peterson. This 'bonus-edition' was not endorsed by the publisher in anyway: Sadisfaction was never released with bonus songs or limited editions, so do not be misled when reading about a group called Gregoria etc.