Masters Of Chant: Chapter III (ALBUM)
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The third album in the remarkable Masters Of Chant series holds plenty of surprises. Although readily comparable to Chapter II in terms of overall mood, this release features more recent source-material than that work. Many tracks reveal intriguing re-inventions of the hit songs we all know, such as Chris Isaak's already haunting piece Wicked Game taken to new heights by the Nemo team with aggressive rock guitars. Sacrifice which was discarded from earlier releases due to difficulties in translating to Gregorian pentatonic scale, is now finally realised. Two original tracks, namely Before The Dawn and Out Of The Cold, were also specially written for the album, the former being the better with its . Other highlights include the grandiose romantic arrangement of Fields Of Gold and like always, the track on which Sarah Brightman is featured: Join Me. This song, dealing with love beyond the grave, gets an unexpected remix in the form of the "Schill Out" Version — giving the singing monks a pounding club-remix, complete with up-to-date synth sounds. Hopefully there will be even more dance-remixes of Gregorian's songs in the future!


Release Date 7 October 2002
Label edel media & entertainment GmbH
Catalogue # 0142042ERE
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1. Join Me
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Ville Valo / Originally Performed by: HIM
2. Be
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Neil Diamond / Originally Performed by: Neil Diamond
3. Blasphemous Rumours
  Original Theme & Lyrics: ML Gore / Originally Performed by: Depeche Mode
4. Only You
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Vince Clarke / Originally Performed by: Yazoo
5. Blue Monday
  Original Theme & Lyrics: New Order / Originally Performed by: New Order
6. Sacrifice
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Elton John, B Taupin / Originally Performed by: Elton John
7. Ordinary World
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Duran Duran / Originally Performed by: Duran Duran
8. Fields Of Gold
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Sting / Originally Performed by: Sting
9. Before The Dawn
  Music & Lyrics: Amelia Brightman, Jan-Eric Kohrs, Carsten Heusmann
10. I Won't Hold You Back
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Steve Lukather / Originally Performed by: Toto
11. Wicked Game
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Chris Isaak / Originally Performed by: Chris Isaak
12. Out Of The Cold
  Music & Lyrics: Amelia Brightman, Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs
13. Join Me ("Schill Out"-Version)
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Ville Valo / Originally Performed by: HIM


Executive Producer & Conceptual Direction by: Frank Peterson
Produced by: Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Michael Soltau
Track 13 Co-Produced by: Christopher von Deylen
Arrangements & Gregorian Interludes by: Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs, Michael Soltau and Frank Peterson
Strings Arranged by: Stefan Pintev

Female Vocals by: Hepsibah
Track 1 Female Vocals
by: Sarah Brightman (uncredited)
Keyboards & Programming
by: Jan-Eric Kohrs, Carsten Heusmann and Michael Soltau
Guitars by: Peter Weihe
Guitars & Add. Keyboards by: Gunther Laudahn
Flute by: Jurgen Franz
Strings Conducted by: Stefan Pintev

Recorded at: Angel Studios (London) and Vox Studio (Bendestorf)
Engineered by: John Timperly and Volker Heintzen
Mixed at: Nemo Studios (Hamburg)
Mixed by: Michael Soltau, Carsten Heusmann and Jan-Eric Kohrs


— as with Chapter II Belgium and France received a special version of this album with three exclusive songs: Comme Un Ouragan, Juste Quelques Hommes (included at the beginning of the album) and Voyage Voyage 2002 (included at the end, as a bonus track replacing the "Schill Out" Version of Join Me). All are sung in French. The version of Voyage Voyage found on this release differs slightly from the one found on Chapter II, namely the accent of the female voice and the lyrics "la nuit et le jour" becomes "la nuit et les jours". This song is now also available in other regions on the Chapter III DVD [special thanks to Arnaud Dumont for this info]
— the South African version of this release includes both Voyage Voyage (found on the French release) and the "Schill Out" Version of Join Me