Masters Of Chant: Chapter II (ALBUM)
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A year after the massive success of Gregorian's European tour, the choir and Nemo production-team returned with this follow-up album. The concept was still the same as the first and despite containing songs not as readily recognisable as on the debut, Chapter II was an instant hit again for Frank Peterson. Evergreen classics like The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Bonny Portmore and Lady D'Arbanville all received the magic Gregorian re-working. The new arrangements ran the gamut from eerie and unsettling to uplifting and redemptive, although overall a quieter album compared to its predecessor. The Gregorian Variations from the first album are now called Interludes, but are as successful in blending the disparate tracks. A greater orchestral tone has been added to make the sound even more epic, with a smattering of pseudo-ethnic sounds.

Release Date 15 October 2001
Label edel media & entertainment GmbH
Catalogue # 6001208985537 / EDCD24
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1. Moment Of Peace SINGLE
  Music: Heusmann / Lyrics: Heusmann and Brightman
2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Ewan Macoll / Originally Performed by: Harry Belafonte
3. In The Air Tonight
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Collins / Originally Performed by: Phil Collins
4. Bonny Portmore
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Traditional / Adapted by: Heusmann, Kohrs, Soltau, Peterson
5. Hymn
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Lees / Originally Performed by: John Lees
6. Child In Time
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Blackmore, Gillan, Gloven, Lord, Paice / Originally Performed by: Deep Purple
7. Everybody Gotta Learn Sometime
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Warren / Originally Performed by: The Korgis
8. Wish You Were Here
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Gilmour, Waters / Originally Performed by: Pink Floyd
9. Lady D'Arbanville
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Stevens / Originally Performed by: Cat Stevens
10. Heaven Can Wait
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Steinman / Originally Performed by: Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf
11. Babylon
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Traditional / Adapted by: Heusmann, Kohrs, Soltau, Peterson
12. Stairway To Heaven
  Original Theme & Lyrics: Page, Plant / Originally Performed by: Led Zeppelin


Executive Producer & Conceptual Direction by: Frank Peterson
Produced by: Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs and Michael Soltau
Arrangements & Gregorian Interludes by: Carsten Heusmann, Jan-Eric Kohrs, Michael Soltau and Frank Peterson
Tracks 1 - 9 & 11 - 14 Strings Arranged by: Stefan Pintev
Track 10 Strings Arranged by: Paul Bateman

Female Vocals by: Anna-Lena Strasse, Eve and Sarah Hellmann
Track 1 Female Vocals
by: Sarah Brightman (uncredited)
Keyboards & Programming
by: Jan-Eric Kohrs, Carsten Heusmann and Michael Soltau
Guitars by: Peter Weihe
Add. Guitars by: Gunther Laudahn
Add. Percussion by: Yogi Jokusch
Khoomel chant by: Hosoo
Tracks 1 - 9 & 11 - 14 Strings Conducted by: Stefan Pintev
Track 10 Strings Conducted by: Paul Bateman

Recorded at: Nemo Studios (Hamburg), Henry Wood Hall (London), Angel Studios (London), Vox Studio (Bendestorf)
Mixed at: Nemo Studios (Hamburg)
Mixed by: Michael Soltau with Jan-Eric Kohrs and Carsten Heusmann

Photography: Ken Schluchtmann (


— some regions (like South Africa) never received the re-released version of the first album, therefore the 2 bonus tracks that were included on that alternate version, were added to special regional versions of Chapter II instead
— a special version of this album was released in Belgium and France with two exclusive songs Voyage Voyage and Rever. Interestingly these are sung in French by the Gregorian choir. Also Moment Of Peace is re-titled Instant De Paix with the female vocals sung in French [special thanks to Arnaud Dumont for this info]
— Moment Of Peace also got a Spanish and Portuguese reworking for the local releases of those countries [special thanks to Henrique for this info]
— released in 36 countries worldwide
— went Gold in 7 countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal and South Africa)
— went Platinum in 1 country (Finland)