(Attorney at Law, New York, USA)
(Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa)
(National Executive - Human Rights Committee of South Africa)
(Associate Professor of Law - University of the Western Cape)

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University of the Western Cape, South Africa
LL.D. 1995 - Doctoral thesis "The effect of a Constitution and Bill of rights on abortion in South Africa. A Comparative Study."

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
LL.M. 1988 -- focusing on Human Rights. I assisted in the presentation of a course on Apartheid called "Apartheid and Its Legal Institutionalisation".

University of Natal, Durban, South Africa
LL.B. 1986 -- Vice President - Law Students' Council, Inter-University Law Schools' Executive, Legal Aid representative, Student-Faculty Board representative.

University of Natal, Durban, South Africa
B.A. 1984 -- majoring in History and Law. Orientation Committee Chair, Executive Committee Rag Committee, Student Representative Council (SRC), Captain - football team.

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  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • United Nations Scholarship
  • Harvard Scholarship
  • Human Science Research Council Scholarship
  • Butterworth Prize (Moot Court competition)
  • CSD Doctoral Award

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    University of the Western Cape, South Africa
    Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor (1990 to present)

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  • Assessor - Supreme Court of South Africa
  • Completed all requirements for admission as an attorney.

  • Adjudicator, Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Tribunals. April 1994 South African Election.

  • Visiting Attorney: International Commission of Jurists, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Admitted as an attorney in the state of New York, USA

    1988 - 1989
  • Associate: Dewey, Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer & Wood (Litigation Department) New York

  • Admitted as an advocate - (Natal)

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    • Former Member Sub committee - Western Cape Peace Committee - Policing.
    • Member Task Group on Police Code of Conduct.
    • Member Task Group Police Internal Investigation Unit.
    • Former Chairperson - Civil Rights League (1992-1994) A non-governmental organsisation founded in 1948 to promote and protect human rights in South Africa.
    • National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) member and former Executive committee - Western Cape (Convenor - Access to Justice Committee)
    • Committee member - Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty (SADPSA).
    • Former member of Steering Committee of a community organisation - ERASE (End Racism and Sexism through Education).
    • Former Chairperson - Civil Rights Education Action Project (CREAP) :- a human rights education project made up of a number of organisations including Lawyers for Human Rights, NADEL, Civil Rights League, NICRO, Human Rights Commission and Street Law.
    • Steering Committee - Southern African Moot Court Final - Harare September 1992
    • Convenor - International Human Rights Film Festival - Cape Town - December 1992.
    • Convenor 2nd Moot Court Final Lusaka Zambia July 1993.
    • Steering committee 3rd Moot Court Final Swaziland July 1994.
    • Member - American Bar Association
    • Member - New York State Bar
    • Former Advisor - Black Sash Legislation Group.
    • Convenor- Political Debate Initiative. Heading a group of about 15 NGO's which organised political debates between political parties during the 1994 election period.

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    • "Judges in South Africa: Black Sheep or Albino's" in 24 CIJL (Geneva, Switzerland) Bulletin34.

    • "Choice and Informed Request: The Answer to Abortion. A proposal for South African Abortion Reform"- 1990 Stellenbosch Law Review 372
    • "Abortion in South Africa" Stellenbosch Lawyers for Human Rights Magazine.
    • "The Natal Violence" ICJ 46 The Review (Switzerland)
    • (Book) Signposts to Peace (An investigation into the Natal Conflict) by Sarkin, Ahlund and Macdonald.
    • (Book) (ed Brody) The Harassment and Persecution of Judges and Lawyers.

    • "Natal Violence" in the February Civil Rights League Newsletter.
    • Children in the Old and New South Africa" in the June Civil Rights League Newsletter.
    • "Post Pretoria Minute Amendments to the Internal Security Act National Association of Democratic Lawyers] (NADEL) National Newsletter.
    • "Changes to the Security Laws in South Africa" in December ICJ 47 The Review 61.

    • "Socio-Economic Rights in a Bill of Rights" in Civil Rights League Newsletter(June)
    • Booklet co-authored with Kahanowitz "Access to Justice and the Legal Profession" Legal Education Action Project - University of Cape Town.
    • (Book) A Charter For Social Justice: A contribution to the South African Bill of Rights Debate co-authored with Corder, Murray, Steytler, O'Reagan, Kahanowitz, Murphy and Smith.

    • "Abortion in the New South Africa" in 56 Tydskrif vir Hedendags Romeinse Hollandse Reg (THRHR) (Feb 1993) 83.
    • Co-authored with Cockrell "Minority May Not Decide Death Penalty" Cape Times and in 1993 Civil Rights League Newsletter
    • Co-authored with De Vos & Fichardt "The Law on Demonstrations is Flawed" Cape Times
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    • (Book) Malila, Sarkin, Viljoen (eds) From Human Rights to Human Wrongs.
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    • (forthcoming) "The Political Role of the South African Constitutional Court" (February 1997) South African Law Journal.

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