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How to use this Advertising list
Choosing the right size glider and reserve
How to advertise in this list, and our Bank Details
WARNING! and Glider Classifications - Read! It will give you some insight on what gliders are suitable for your level of experience.
Accommodation for Holidays and Weekends
Secondhand Paragliders & Equipment
Secondhand Hang Gliders & Equipment
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One can use some equipment equally successfully in paragliding and hang gliding. So look into both lists!
Read the notes below for more information.

Last update: 04/01/2013

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Call the person on the name and number BELOW the item you are interested in.
It is always possible to negotiate a different price than advertised on secondhand equipment. Make the seller an offer, especially if there is "o.n.o." (or nearest offer) or "neg" (negotiable) behind the price. Those letters mean that the seller is prepared to come down on the price, if necessary. Don't be ridiculous in your offer, but save yourself a couple of hundred rand. Say for example, the equipment is advertised for R5,500 o.n.o. Offer the seller R5,000 (or R4,500 if you have a lot of chutspah). The seller might agree or advise you what his minimum price is (maybe R5,200). In that case you have saved R300. Even in cases where there is no advice that the price is negotiable, it sometimes pays off to make an offer, but don't be surprised then if the offer is rejected. If it is possible, inspect the goods or get a knowledgeable person to inspect it before buying. If the seller claims that a glider is DHV-rated, make sure that it says that on the wing. An Afnor- or SHV-rated wing may be substantially different to a DHV-rated wing, even when they have the same name. Make very sure that what you are buying is suitable for YOU.

Check the SOUTH AFRICAN PARAGLIDER CLASSIFICATION SCHEDULES to see what the glider is rated. You can find them here Gliders from 1997 and before (up to 1997) or Gliders from 1998-2002 at present, but they are also available on the Aero Club website under SAHPA Licensing Data.

Sometimes a person will be prepared to sell items singly, even if they are grouped together. Contact the seller and ask - if you do not ask, you may lose out!

How to choose the right size glider or reserve for YOU:
Most paraglider manufacturers include the glider weight in the all-up or take-off weight. As a rule of thumb, pilots should add at least 20 kg to their naked body weight to find the weight range in which they should be looking for a glider or reserve. A bigger pilot will have heavier kit than a light pilot. The longer you have been flying the more kit you will have, and the more likely it will be that (as a big pilot) your kit will weigh about 25 kg. If possible, weigh yourself with all the items you will wear and use when flying (sweater, flightsuit, socks, boots, helmet, gloves, vario, radio, gliderbag, glider, stuffbag, drinking water, etc - everything!) to see what your real all-up weight is. ("Clip-in" weights may exclude the glider weight, but due to translation interpretations to English, may not.)
Ideally, one would like to be in the middle to top two-thirds of any weight range, although one should not have problems being at the bottom end of the weight range. It just means that on windier days one might have to carry ballast to improve penetration. At or over the top of the weight range would possibly cause one to battle to stay up longer, and therefore have shorter flights in lighter conditions.
Hang glider pilots: Hang glider pilots should add at least 40kg to their weight to find which reserve will suit their weights best.

We'll help to sell YOUR equipment!

Send the details of the equipment you wish to sell with your name and telephone number, and R50, and advertise it in our pricelist for 3 months. Our pricelist is updated regularly, at least once per month, sometimes more often. Interested people phone you directly. You may change your prices at any time during the period without extra charge.

Contact details: or fax 086-618-2057

Our banking details are:

Please fax deposit slips through to 086-618-2057!

Please let us know when you have sold your items.

Paragliding, hang gliding and paramotoring are dangerous sports.
People without a licence must join a school to learn safely.
Paraglider and Hang Glider Pilots must have a SAHPA licence.
Paramotor pilots must have a SAHPA Licence and a PPG rating.

Insurance companies do not need to pay out if someone has an accident while flying without a licence, or without being a registered student with SAHPA, and/or not having informed the insurance company in writing of his/her participation in the sport.

Glider ratings: South African classifications are slightly different from DHV and Afnor test ratings, to accommodate overlap. To get the best information on whether a glider is suitable for your experience level, please check the latest Glider Classification Schedule on Gliders up to 1998 or Gliders from 1998-2002 and on the SAHPA home page

A rough guideline is:

Beginner/Basic: DHV/LTF 1, Afnor Standard, Acpuls 12 A's, EN A. Experience level 0 flights, some gliders require 20 flights or more.
Intermediate: DHV 1-2, Afnor Standard, Acpuls 12 A's, EN B. Experience level could be 0 flights while some gliders require 20 flights or more. High-end DHV/LTF 1-2 gliders require Basic Licence and 80 flights total.
Sports Class: DHV/LTF 2, some Afnor Standard gliders, Afnor Performance, EN C. Experience level is Basic Licence and 100 flights total. High-end DHV/LTF 2 gliders require Sport Licence and 250 flights total.
Serial Class: Some DHV/LTF 2, DHV/LTF 2-3, Afnor Performance, some EN C and all EN D. Experience level is Sport Licence and minimum 250 flights.
Competition: DHV 3, Afnor Competition. Experience level is Sport Licence and 400 flights.
Proto type: Unrated competition gliders or gliders being tested for manufacturers during development (Proposed Test Pilot rating). Experience level Sport Licence and minimum 500 flights which include flights on rated competition gliders (if possible).

Please note:

(1) Afnor Standard rating is EXTREMELY wide and spans from DHV/LTF 1 to low-end DHV/LTF 2.
(2) The new EN ratings (CEN) and the new LTF (DHV) ratings are similar.
(3) There are situations where the same gliders have received for example a DHV/LTF 2 and an Afnor Standard rating, or a DHV/LTF 1-2 and Afnor Performance. Pilots should remember that there might be a difference between the gliders submitted for the different tests, i.e. the DHV tested model may not be exactly the same as the Afnor tested model. Mostly, but not always, the Afnor tested glider will be perceived as being "hotter" than the DHV equivalent.



All the advertised items in the various sections below are available only from Funwings at 082-678-1392 or e-mail Funwings
A "full kit" may not have all the items desired - it depends on what the seller is providing in the kit
Wallend-Air Eclipse 29, 55-75kg, pink & white. With Wallend-Air harness with airbag, Pisa 24 reserve parachute, Apco fullface helmet, helmet bag and suncover. Items also available separately. Ideal for beginner pilot 45-55kg. All in good condition. R6,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Kestrel XL, 105-130kg, Xplorer harness with airbag, reserve, Lynx helmet, in backpack, will suit pilot of 95-105kg, good condition R4,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Wallend-Air Eclipse 31, 65-85kg, purple & white, with clinch bag, Apco helmet and waterbag. Pilot of 55-65kg will enjoy this glider. R2,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Perche Saga M, 65-90kg, DHV 1-2, pink & purple, in very good condition, with approx 80 flights and less than 10 hours airtime. Comes complete with Perche Magic harness with new Oskar reserve, Black Hi-Tech full face helmet. Items also available separately. Perfect for the 55-65kg pilot. All in absolutely excellent condition for only R8,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Flying kit (no glider) - very good value for beginners, consisting of the following:
    Charly Insider Large helmet, white, with helmet bag R500-00 o.n.c.o.
    Skywear flightsuit large, like new, hardly used - R900-00
    Suncover/clinch bag - R100-00
Everything in this set in good to excellent condition Take all for only
Swing Arcus 4.26, blue & white, LTF 1/1-2, approx 100 flights, with backpack, very good condition. Excellent beginner glider. R15,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Swing Arcus 6.30, LTF 1/1-2 (EN B), green, 105-130kg, approx 100 flights, excellent beginner wing, in very good condition, R14,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Wallend-Air Eclipse 29, 55-75kg, pink & white. In great condition, like new. Ideal for pilot of 45-55kg. R3,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Wallend-Air Eclipse 31, 65-85kg, purple & white, in very good condition. Perfect for pilot of 55-65kg. R2,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Apco Vista Large, EN B/DHV 1-2, 100-125kg, blue/white, with only approx 40 flights & 20 hours airtime, like new. With backpack. Not for beginner pilot, good for pilot with approx 80 flights. Going for only R15,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Apco Sentra 34, no rating (other sizes Afnor Standard), Blue/purple/white, 100-130kg, in very good condition, with backpack. R5,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Ozone Vibe XS, 55-70kg, high end DHV 1-2 (80 flight requirement), approx 6yrs old, 80 flights, 100 hours, with Supair Moogy harness (med) with airbag, open face helmet, knee & elbow protectors, all in backpack R12,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Edel Saber Medium, DHV 2, 75-95kg, Yellow, in good condition, about 150 flights, a nice glider to upgrade to for a pilot with at least 100 flights, for R1,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Airea Aspect Medium, 75-110kg, DHV 2, purple & white, in beautiful condition, like new, less than 30 flights, another good glider to upgrade to for a pilot with at least 100 flights R2,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Advance Omega 4, 90-105kg, DHV 3 competition paraglider, white, in very good condition, approx 200 flights. Good for a pilot with approx 400 flights with a Sport Licence and flying often. R3,900-00 o.n.c.o.
Advance Sigma 2, 75-95 kg, Acpuls rated (approx high-end DHV 2, DHV 2-3 eqv), in reasonable condition, requires Sport Licence & 250 flights. R2,700-00 o.n.c.o.
Windtech Kena 27, 80-100kg, Afnor Performance (eqv high-end dhv 2, dhv 2-3), approx 50 flights, in very good condition, requires Sport Licence & 250 flights. R1,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Gin Bonanza Large, 95-120kg, DHV 2-3/Afnor Performance, only 120 flights & 50 hours, good for pilot with Sport Licence & at least 250 flights, in good condition. R5,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Wallend-Air harness, small, with fitted airbag, good condition. R1,500-00 o.n.c.o.
F2F harness, large, with fitted airbag, good condition. R1,500-00 o.n.c.o.
Skysports Airbag harness, medium to large, very good condition, with carabiners R2,000-00 o.n.c.o.
Woody Valley X-Over, Large; Colours: Beige & black. In good condition. R1,200-00 o.n.c.o.
Wallend-Air harness, purple R1,000-00
F2F Xplorer harness used, good condition, R800-00 o.n.c.o.
Swing Protect round reserve parachutes, all sizes, new. Ask for quote, prices may change. Approx R3,500-00
2 x External reserve pouches (not cockpit type) with Velcro fasteners, Pisa and Apco. Each R80 -00
Reserve Repacks
Reserves should be repacked at least once per annum to ensure good deployment when required, as well as prevent damage to the material and lines from perished rubber bands.

Recommended repackers are
    Walter Neser 076-593-9849 (Jhb/Pta)
    Peter Wallenda 083-300-1755 (Western Cape)
    Jo Chananie 082-904-1020 (KZN)
Apco helmet, approx small-medium, used, good condition, with helmet bag R400-00 o.n.c.o.
Charly Insider full face helmet, large, white, used, with helmet bag R450-00 o.n.c.o.
Charly Insider Large full face helmet, used, red, small damage, with helmet bag. R800-00 o.n.c.o.
Aircotec Favorit variometer, brand new. See for more information. R2,350-00
1 x Bräuniger Alto Vario Basis SP vario - CANNOT BE REPAIRED! Casings, other parts, and possibly LCD screens are usable. FREE!!
New keypad for Bräuniger AV Basis Vario. Might fit on Flytec 3005 also. FREE!!
LCDs for older model varios
Normal Price for LCD screens was approx R700 each. Damaged screens are relatively easy to replace. So don't despair when the vario screen is cracked.
    Flytec 3005/Bräuniger AV Basis LCD x 1. R80-00 each
    Flytec 4000 series LCD x 2. R150-00 each
    Bräuniger IQ Basis LCD x 1 . R50-00 each
    Bräuniger IQ Basis II LCD x 1. R50-00 each
Perspex Covers for Variometers
The cover protects the vario from scratches, and often also prevents the screen from breaking. A vario with a cover looks great, even after years of use. Get yours now!
    Flytec 3005/4000 series x 32, new. R80 each
    Bräuniger AV Basis/Pilot x 5, new, R80 each
    Bräuniger IQ series x 4, new, R80 each
    Digifly x 1, new. FREE!!
    Bräuniger IQ One/ One Plus/ Flytec 6005/6010 x 21, new. R120 each
    Bräuniger IQ Competino / Flytec 5020 with strap x 1, new R120 each
    Flytec 5020 / Bräuniger Competino without strap x 11, new. R50 each
    Flytec 6020 / Bräuniger IQ Competino+ with strap x 20, new. R120 each
    Afro Cumulus without strap x 8, new. FREE!!
    Wasmer variometer x 3, new. FREE!!
    Flytec 5030 / Bräuniger Compeo x 9, new. R100 each
    Flytec 6030 / Bräuniger Compeo+ without strap x 3, new. R100 each
    Flytec 6030 / Bräuniger Compeo+ with strap x 20, new. R120 each
    Bräuniger AV Basis / Pilot, used x 1. FREE!!
1 x headset - not sure whether Icom or Kenwood type - need small soldering repair. For fitting in helmet. FREE!!
Apco large radio pocket, ideal for older bigger radio or older airband radio, new. R50-00
Aquapak radio waterproof pocket, used, in perfect condition. Ideal for SIV courses. R30-00
GPS Tracker device, use own simcard, send out co-ords sms or link to website, brandnew. Very small units. Excellent for the pilot into cross country flying. Can also be used for vehicles. R1,200-00
Sol GPS pocket, new, FREE!!
Swivel Mount bracket for Garmin GPS II, III, and similar, new, still in plastic packaging FREE!!
Perspex Covers for GPS units
The cover protects the gps from scratches, and often also prevents other damage from happening. A gps with a cover looks like new, even after years of use. Get yours now!
    eMap with strap x 6, new. FREE!!
    eMap without strap x 5, new. FREE!!
    GPS 45/48/90 x 10, new. FREE!!
    GPS 72 / 76 series x 20, new. R100 each.
    GPS II / III / III Pilot x 11, new. FREE!!
    Afro Cumulus without strap x 8, new. FREE!!
    MLR gps x 17, new. FREE!!
    GPS 12/ 12XL / 38 / 40 x 1, new. FREE!!
    GPS eTrex series x 4, new. R100 each.
Concertina packbag, new, R350-00
Suncovers / clinch / bunch bag, new. R320-00
Suncovers / clinch / bunch bag, used, R100-00
Powered Ultralight Flying by Dennis Pagen, FREE!!
Fresh Air Site Guide 5th edition. Each R200-00
Art of Paragliding by Dennis Pagen, new. Each R470-00
Understanding the Sky by Dennis Pagen, new. Each R420-00
Performance Flying by Dennis Pagen, new. Each R340-00
SAHPA Logbook, new. Each R30-00
Karrimor Hydro bag, good condition R100-00
1 x 0.8 lit Liquipak container (money belt type), new, FREE!!
1 x 2lit bottle carrier, good condition, FREE!!
Some outer containers for water without plastic inners, good for wine/juice box inners of different sizes, etc. FREE!!
To hydrate while flying, or after landing, is very important. Water is best. Don't take a chance! Drink enough water.
1 x Flightsuit, black, M-ish, used, good condition. R700-00 o.n.c.o.
Skywear Flightsuit, large, like new, very good condition. R900-00 o.n.c.o.
Maxitherm Balaclava, new, in plastic, R150-00
2 x clear plastic (map) pockets with Velcro for maps, etc, on flightsuits. FREE!!
1 x pair Snake boots for paragliding, size 9, in good condition R800-00
All the advertised items in the various sections ABOVE are available only from Funwings at 082-678-1392 or e-mail Funwings

Direct Adverts

Please let us know when you have sold your items, as a courtesy.

i.e. each list of items for sale is followed by the name and contact details of the seller!
Airwave Magic 3, DHV2-3, Excellent condition R3,000-00
Airwave Magic 1, DHV 2-3, 85-120 Flights, R1,500-00
Airwave Mustang, DHV 2, 20 Flights. Includes the Airwave Harness with Reserve, R6,000-00
Ozone Octane M, DHV 2, 80-100kg, R2,000-00
Take all for R11,000-00
Contact Deon Cilliers: 079-887-4956 or e-mail: Deon Cilliers
Advance Epsilon 5.28, orange/blue/grey, 70-106kg all-up weight range, 49 flights & 16 flying hours. SupAir Access (M) harness. SupAir Large reserve parachute, 140kg Max. Lazer L open-face helmet. Skywatch Xplorer1 windspeed meter. Brauniger Alto Basis vario (no clock). Suncover, stuffbag & riserbag. All in backpack and in excellent condition. Also The Art of Paragliding, Thermal Flying, and the Site Guide. R14,000-00
Contact Gordon Smith on email Gordon Smith or Funwings on 082-678-1392
Powered Paragliding kit for sale:
Fly Castelluccio Simonini 200cc,
130 prop and electric start.
Dudek Plasma 28.5 (hi performance reflex wing)
Vertex standard airband radio Helmet + headset

Plasma PPG wing Simonini paramotor
Call Renier Eggink on 0820720468 or email Renier




LAATSON and WATERVAL at Porterville.

Ideal for flying at Dasklip Pass, for All Africa competitions and any other visit to this Paragliding Mecca. Chalets, camping.

Call Susan or Mac on 082-878-1358 to book

Accommodation: good for Bambi and Mt Carmel, and within reach of Vaalkop:

KIEPERSOL, a great spot next to the river just past the Waterval-Onder tunnel. A house and cottage(s) that can take approx 14 people. Take towels and toiletries. Small pub on premises. Self-catering, or meals on arrangement....

Website Kiepersol, email
Call André and Engela Boshoff on 082-674-1343 or 013-257-7063 to book

Accommodation: good for Lone Tree Hill (Barberton), and within reach of Vaalkop:

WILDERNESS VELD SCHOOL, a great spot VERY close to Barberton (opposite airfield). Budget accommodation for big groups. Bunk bed rooms/dormitories for singles, 2 units with own facilities for couples and families, as well as a house that can take approx 8-10 people. Has a common room with TV and fridge, and kettle for constant coffee!

Take own bedding and toiletries, coffee, tea, etc. Self-catering.

Call Melinda on (013) 712-3109 to book

Accommodation: good for Lone Tree Hill (Barberton), and within reach of Vaalkop:

HIDE OUT, a great spot right in Barberton. A house and back yard cottages with all facilities that can take from single to groups of approx 14-18 people. Self-catering.

Call René on 082-966-4941 or Gert on 082-966-4942 to book

Accommodation: good for Barberton and Nelspruit sites, and within reach of Ngodwana, Vaalkop, Sabie and many more. Not forgetting visiting the sightseeing spots in Mpumalanga:

COLUMBUS HOUSE, a lovely place in Nelspruit. A beautiful bed & breakfast guest house with all facilities that can take from single to groups of people. Self-catering.

Contact Detlef Schmidt on 013-744-9433 Cell +27 83 227 3491 or email Detlef to book

We'll help to sell YOUR old equipment!

Send the details of the equipment you wish to sell with your name and telephone number, and R50, and advertise it in our pricelist for 3 months. Our pricelist is updated regularly. Interested people phone you directly. You may change your prices at anytime during the period without extra charge - just send an email with the changes to Funwings.

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