Suits come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, or are custom made for the pilot. Material used is BREATHABLE and lined with winter or summer lining. Heavier outer material is available on request. Zips run down both legs and arms. Vario loops and map pockets are on all suits, where the pilot desires them. Velcro patch for instruments is an optional extra.

Different colours available.

Breathable material:
Navy blue, charcoal, royal blue, black, wine red, emerald green, electric blue/peacock blue/turquoise, seagreen/bluegreen, red. Colours can be mixed.

Thick material:
Black, royal blue, navy blue, purple, green turquoise, pink, yellow. Colours can be mixed.

Contrast colours can be any colour. If not the same material, the contrast colour will be put over the main colour (i.e. thereby not affecting the strength of the flightsuit in any way).


LEFT: Front middle zip, zips on arms & legs. RIGHT: One side zip, and zips on arms and legs. FAR RIGHT: One side zip, and zips on arms & legs.

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