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Being a novice birder, it is impossible to tell what many of the birds are that I have observed over the past year. Now that I have started making a list - trying to recognise them from a bird book - it is clear that there are many more than I originally imagined, and that I don't know ANYTHING about birds!

Below are some of the birds that I am sure are around here most of the time, and some that are here less often, and some that I only think are here, because I am not sure of what I saw! Of course there are also some that I have not even added to the list, because I just cannot even guess to what species they belong. In addition there will be those that I have assigned a name to, but is it the correct name? Not to mention that there are many geese (for example) but which species??

What triggered my interest? A pair of Avocets visited us and swooped over the water, circling a few times while surveying me and some campers, before landing nearby. They stayed at the water during the summer, and they are the most amazing and striking flying things I have seen in a long time.

Maybe an experienced birder will be able to help with this list. Just stay at Laura's Place to enjoy the scenery and wildlife, and help expand my knowledge of the beautiful feathered beings!

Later on some photos of my garden residents can be put on the page. I am looking forward to that day!

Preliminary List of Birds @ Laura's Place

This list is in no particular order except for my feeling of appropriateness, and groupings may be totally inappropriate.

Great White Heron / Groot Wit Reier
Grey Heron / Grys Reier
Goliath Heron / Reuse Reier
Cattle Egret / Veereier
Coot or Moorhen / Bleshoender
Avocet / Bontelsie
Seagull / Seemeeu
Wild goose / Wilde gans
Wild duck / Wilde eend
Spoonbill / Lepelaar
Cormorant / Duiker
Stork / Ooievaar
Flamingo / Flamink
Hadeda / Hadeda
Ibis / Ibis

Secretary Bird / SekretarisvoŽl
Owl / Uil
Night Owl / Naguiltjie
Black Eagle / Arend
Hawk / Valk
Fish Eagle / Visarend
Peregrine Falcon / Swerfvalk
Crow / Kraai

Guinea Fowl / Tarentaal
Quail / Kwartel
Francolin / Patrys

Hoopoe / Hoephoep
Crowned Plover / Kroonkiewiet
Woodpecker / Houtkapper
Thick knee / Dikkop
Korhaan / Korhaan
Lapwing / Bont kiewiet
Wood hoopoe / Kakelaar

Wagtail / Kwikkie
Sparrow / Mossie
Starling or Blackbird / Spreeu
Mynah / Mynah
Rock pigeon / Kransbosduif
Weaver or Widowbird / Flap
Finches / Vinke
Swallow / Swaeltjie
Turtledove / Tortelduif
Mousebird / MuisvoŽl
Common Fiscal / Fiskaallaksman
Sparrow Weaver / KoringvoŽl of Koringmossie
Sugarbird / SuikervoŽl
Sunbird / Suikerbekkie
Hummingbird / Heuningbekkie

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these birds, their names and/or name translations.

I will give credit here to everybody who helps me.

3 May 2011

Please email me on Laura's Place Birds with suggestions, info, anything.

Let's have some fun!

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