Study on PG Accidents with Spine Injuries

by Karl Slezak, DHV Safety Chairman
From the DHV-Info, No. 100 (May 1999) from the Safety Issues Section
(a rough translation by Ulf Arndt).

About one third of the reported 120 PG accidents in 1998 in Germany resulted in spine injuries. During the research it was endeavoured to contact all the pilots who had suffered spinal injuries. Where this was not possible, the hospitals were queried.

1. Cause of accident
These figures highlight again how important it is to control tucks and avoid overcontrol.

2. Severity of injuries

Checking with hospitals, it looks like the real number of accidents is about double the number reported to DHV.

3. Position of pilot on impact

Impact on ground with

This supports the trend to develop backprotectors and side protectors.

4. Usefulness of protectors

Of the pilots who impacted on the back and got injured,

Using combination of 17cm foam and airbag


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