Services and Information for (SA) Pilots
and everyone else interested!

This page has been dedicated to offerings (other than our normal direct sales and information) to assist paraglider and hang glider pilots (and any other type of pilot or person) to access services not directly related to flying, that might be beneficial for them. ....

These services range from finding an insurance company that would insure oneself (taking into account one’s flying activities), a florist where one can order flowers or goodies for an occasion one is unable to attend due to a flying excursion, and many more.

It includes some affiliate programmes where one can make some money from, but can make a decision on whether to join or not. We evaluate some of these services and tell what is good or not good about them. Making some extra money from the internet is possible, but see here for more ………

Liberty Life

It is extremely important that one knows that one's insurances and medical aid will pay in the event of an "extreme sport" accident. (Some companies classify paragliding and hang gliding as extreme sports, and others don't.) Make a point of checking that yours will do so, or that your current insurances and medical aid include cover for extreme sports or paragliding/hang gliding, even if it is with a company that claims to cover those. Get it in writing.

One of the few insurance companies that is prepared to accept flying enthusiasts and insure them, albeit at a loading, is Liberty Life. It is the company that covers my butt in the case of an accident.

As you might know, Liberty Life specializes in:
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South Africa's Favourite Flower and Gift shop!

This well-known company will do lots to ensure that you earn many brownie points from your loved ones! Or to show someone that you are thinking of him/her (while you are on the way to attempt your personal best distance or a world record, maybe). Also great for corporate accounts.

Order by phone or on the internet. Read the "First Time User Guide". Delivery anywhere in South Africa or in the world. :-)

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The true-blue South African on-line service with a great variety of goods, including books, videos, dvd’s, health products, and lots more. (This service can be likened to

Click Click. Ding Dong. 24 hour delivery on many items.

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And again.


For South Africans whose foreign flying friends or family are planning to travel South Africa,
or need a car in a hurry. Need a mini-bus or 4x4, or just a plain Golf?

Click on the Europcar banner (or the text link below) and check out their
Discount Vehicle Hire Rates in South Africa.

BlueBean Credit Card

Most of us have been brought up to believe that having a credit card is a sin, not to mention having a second one. Not true, provided that we handle our finances with care.

Get YOUR card (if you do not have a BlueBean card yet - a second credit card is always useful). You do not need to have a Standard Bank account in order to get the card.

Small businesses can buffer the difficult times easiest through credit cards, for various reasons (read Peter Carruthers' book "Crashproof your Business" for more information - see Business Warriors - one gets a free copy on joining).

Click on the banner or here to complete the easy on-line credit card application form.

Adventure Productions

The provider of most of our most popular flying videos and dvd's. One of the best places to get a book,
video or dvd that will make your paragliding or hang gliding spouse extremely happy.

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Who hasn’t heard of, the place where one can buy just about anything on-line at a good price? Well, here is the real McCoy!

Just click on the logo below (regardless of the advert(s) on it), and have a look around (remember to save the url to your favourites or bookmarks folder for a future visit).


Credit Health CreditHealth estimates that about one in every three South Africans is suffocating under
over-indebtedness, and battling to keep their head above water. One in five South Africans
is listed on the credit bureaus. Some do not know that they are listed.

It is well worthwhile noting that it really is a good idea to check your credit record every now and then for incorrect listings!
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Click on the banner on the left to get YOUR 2-in-1 report.

Hypermag Hypermag
OUTsurance is South Africa's Premier insurer!

When OUTsurance started business 7 years ago and announced that they would be paying out OUTbonuses, few realised the impact this would have on the insurance industry. And now, 4 years after our first OUTbonus payout, we have paid out more than R100 million and are the only insurer to have done so.

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RECENTLY RELEASED: VERSION 2005 of Corey Rudl's best-selling system: "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"!

... With 1,300+ pages of up-to-the-minute research, test results, examples, case studies, and the newest and hottest strategies for marketing your business on the Internet!

In 12 easy-to-follow steps, with 80 comprehensive lessons, you'll learn the SAME tested and proven fast-growth strategies Corey personally used to build his one-man business into a $7.6 million enterprise -- on a shoestring budget.

This is the SAME system that literally 1,000s of his protégés have used to earn $30,000 to $2.5 million per year using the Internet.

To preview Corey's brand-new course, and learn his most profitable secrets, click here now.

Internet Marketing Centre

Need to improve your business' marketing strategies and make better use of the internet?

You need "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course that could take you that one step further to making your (internet) business succeed beyond expectations.

N E W !

Selling on eBay and making a living from it has made headlines all over the world. It is the chosen way of life for many people everywhere and anywhere these days. And it is not that difficult if you avoid the pitfalls. Don't learn the hard way!

Just released! "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire", a brand-new system for starting a highly profitable business on eBay, developed by self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Dupsky.

Brandon's just a regular guy who got his start selling everyday items on eBay, and is now making $22,000 a DAY! He's put every tip, every trick, and every strategy he knows about making big money on eBay into this 237-page guidebook and 4 solid hours of audio recordings!

He teamed up with Derek Gehl to provide us with the information. Read this
book review, or click the banner below (and check out the special trial copy offer below the banner):

"Test-Drive" the EXACT System (above) that Brandon From Nebraska Used to Rake In $8 MILLION on eBay... in Just One Year!

For a limited time only - extended until 10 February 2006 - you can take home the same system that self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Dupsky used to generate $20 million in sales on eBay, risk-free for 30 days!

Now anyone can start a profitable eBay business using this simple system... and be making a profit within 24 hours!

If a regular guy from Nebraska can earn a fortune selling everyday items on eBay, YOU can too!

Don't underestimate the value of the information in this trial. The strategies that Brandon reveals in his system took him EIGHT years to learn, and cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and testing! To get your Trial Copy of the "eBay Millionaire" system right away, visit:

Trial copy for $2.95 (excluding forwarding/postage charges).

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Need Money? Feeling Deprived?

Many of us pilots require more money in order to feed our flying addiction!
It is possible to make at least some money from the comfort of your home from affiliate programmes
(but maybe not as much as the hype would like us to believe, or maybe I will live to change this statement!).

Affiliate programmes are growing in leaps and bounds, and can give very good returns. Provided that one is careful.

These programmes are sometimes called E-trader or associate programmes, or maybe something else. As long as it pays one, no problem what it is called! To make things easy, I am only going to call them affiliate programmes.

Making some extra money from the internet is possible. One must advertise products, something that one already is providing to people, or other products, or make items and advertise them, or advertise products for other people, etc, etc. All will bring in some income, but not all programmes pay quickly or well. Some are downright frauds, many are illegal in spite of the claims on the websites, and if one falls for these claims (like many has done over the years) one can be seriously out of pocket.

It is a myth that one does not have to work to earn money! No matter what one does, time has to be spent in earning it. What is true, is that some programmes will assist one (mostly after some time) to get something extra. If one decides to join a programme, one better also be prepared to do something, like assembling a craft, writing emails or an eZine, or having a website, doing advertising, etc, or all of it. Doing nothing will result in nothing earned.

What is an affiliate programme?

With an affiliate programme one can earn money, with very little effort (but note, one has to do some work!). Sounds too good to be true? There are people who survive solely on such income, but it takes time to get there.

My own experience is too short to be able to quote as an example (as yet), as I joined these programmes only in mid-August 2005. But already (November 2005) money has been coming into my account - not enough to live from - but enough to believe that it will improve. There are others who have had great incomes. And who have built successful lives and businesses using these programmes to generate a successful business and income from promoting various products .............

One of the successful entrepreneurs who built a good business on the principles provided by internet marketing pioneer Corey Rudl of
Internet Marketing Centre, is Peter Carruthers of Business Warriors, who built a business giving advice and info to small business owners, especially those struggling. In the beginning of this year (2005), Business Warriors had less than 1000 members. Now it has over 3000. From a one-man internet based business, Peter's business has grown so much that he has to employ staff.

Using some of the principles learnt from both Corey and Peter, note, just some, I have already moved my website on a Google South Africa search from page 20 to #1 (using the words "paragliding training"), and on most other combinations to at least the 1st page or 2nd page in Google South Africa searches, sometimes twice on the same page (as in "paragliding instruction")!

What must one do?

By joining such a programme, one is expected to advertise the product or company on one's website with a banner and/or short write-up, or on one's emails (as a signature or link), or directly to one's friends (inviting them to take a look at one's own website or the product's website, or punting a specific product directly), or in a link in an article, etc, etc. When someone buys the product, or signs up, then one gets commission. The company normally provides the links that one needs to do the advertising.

The more people that join through one's efforts, the more money one earns. Almost all programmes agree that an e-mail drive to one's family, friends and acquaintances is the best way to advertise, but all of them forbid spamming others.

Just joining without actively DOING something will not bring in money.

Send out some emails, or add the product to your email signature, or get your website going and let your friends know, but DO something!

The earlier you start, the quicker you will see results. So do not wait too long before getting your "home" business going.

What does it cost?

In many instances, joining an affiliate programme is free and gratis. In other words, one just has to do the advertising as described above after completing the application form. In other cases, one is expected to buy the product and use it before one can join the affiliate programme, or pay a joining fee.

One has to be careful what programme one joins. Almost all of them are advertised with great hype. Some costs a lot more than others, and one can easily spend lots and lots of money. Also many pyramid schemes - illegal in South Africa. There are thousands (if not millions) of programmes on the internet, and they all claim to be successful, fill one's bank account, and make one rich. Some state that one won't get rich, but that one will be comfortable. Most of them COST!!

Join websites and programmes that have contact telephone numbers and money back guarantees. Call them, or send an e-mail, if you have any doubts or do not understand something. If you do not get answers to your questions, leave them alone.

What does one need?

One must have at least an email address (avoid Yahoo! or Hotmail addresses). It is an added bonus if one has a website as well. One can develop a website very easily - many of the associate programmes will assist in this, others expect one to have a working website. If one has an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers free website space as part of its service, then one does not have to pay for such a website space.

If one makes use of a spam filter, or one's ISP has expansive filters, then it might be beneficial to have another email address. One can make use of internet cafes in order to do this type of business, so even people without a computer at home can benefit. There are quite a number of free email-address suppliers available (see the list below). Although most companies do not allow spam, it is not impossible that one's normal ISP could regard some addresses as spam producing and hence have a blanket filter on such addresses. With a free email address one can check information sent, directly on the web.

One should also have a bank account and perhaps a Paypal or similar account for overseas payments.

Free email internet sites


The following affiliate programmes do not require any joining fee or programme to be bought. With some the income may be slow in coming as the payments are sometimes quite low. With all of the programmes, the best way to boost income is to get others to join. It is possible to boost some of them with buying in to other opt-in programmes that pay more. But, make WISE decisions on those. :-)

There are more sites that I am still investigating, and those will be added as we go along, provided they are worth it in my opinion.

NB! Any problems, whether it is simple or more complex or more information required, with any of the sites below, send me a note.

Bluebean Credit Card

This is a very useful affiliation! Get your card (if you do not have a BlueBean card yet - a second credit card is always useful). Small businesses can buffer the difficult times easiest through credit cards, for various reasons (read Peter Carruthers' book "Crashproof your Business" for more information - see Business Warriors - one gets a free copy on joining).

Click on the link below to complete the easy on-line credit card application form:

Internet Marketing Centre

This business was built up by the late Corey Rudl, an extremely successful man and quite famous amongst internet gurus. He definitely made millions and assisted many to make lots of money as well. His courses and his advice are real and very pertinent, and leads people to success. The business is now run by Derek Gehl, who took over after Corey's unfortunate car accident.

Following his principles have helped many, also here in SA. Peter Carruthers, who founded Business Warriors, here in South Africa, by following the advice and principles in the "Insider Secrets", made over R200,000-00 in one month. OK, this amount does not come in every month, but even just once is worth it, not to mention the continuing lesser numbers of all the other months! The IMC actively assists people with their promotions and pays good commissions.

Becoming one of the affiliates is free. Just click on the logo below.

But you don't have to stop there! Buying "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course could take you that one step further to being well off and making your (internet) business succeed beyond expectations.

Read more about this course by clicking here:

Just released! "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire", a brand-new system for starting a highly profitable business on eBay, developed by self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Duspky.

Brandon's just a regular guy who got his start selling everyday items on eBay, and is now making $22,000 a DAY! He's put every tip, every trick, and every strategy he knows about making big money on eBay into this 237-page guidebook and 4 solid hours of audio recordings! He teamed up with Derek Gehl to provide us with the information. Read this book review, or click the banner below:

Check the link below for your trial copy of "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire"

Trial copy for $2.95 (excluding forwarding/postage charges).

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Potentially a good earning site. Do on-line surveys.

My experience? Very disappointing. In spite of all the hype on this and other paid survey sites, it seems that it is only hype. Perhaps it is because this one is free to join. There are others purported to be better (rating very high on lists that rate good income generating programmes where this programme features very low if at all) but those one has to pay a joining fee for, that I don’t want to pay (or cannot afford at present). Or maybe I am in the wrong age group and therefore do not qualify (easily) for surveys. Who knows?

To sign up, click on the logo below - you might be luckier than me, and it costs nothing:

Email Pays U

This is a genuine read-email programme that gives one the chance to earn dollars. A slow-earning but steady income. One must resolve to visit the website at least daily. Also go to "Pay-to-click" on the log-in page to increase one's earnings. Getting more people to join is very beneficial. Email Pays U is the most active email-paid site of those that I checked out.

Be careful, though, of the information that one is given to read - some are very enticing and the cost could add up to a lot of expenditure if one is not careful! One is also urged to sign up for offers, because there is a bonus in that. In many instances, though, one has to buy something or pay something to get this bonus. The only way to overcome this is if you could get others to also sign up, because that will pay you MORE. I have not tried this route, and would warn against spending so much money, unless your group of people are interested in the product, and it would be easy to get them to sign up.

However, forget about earning enough to make a living. The payment rates for this and other email read sites are far too low to make any kind of a living.

There is another plus to reading these emails. I find the ads very interesting in many cases. It seems all sorts of people advertise in this way. I have found some very worthwhile sites which (sometimes) do not require one to join or buy, but gives good advice anyway, plus have interesting programmes.

As said above, one can be drawn into spending a lot of money in the hope of making some. The only real way that one makes money with these programmes is by getting others to join, so that one gets sign-up bonuses and a little bit more. It is actually not really worth the effort, money wise, to read these emails and adverts without any other efforts. I’ll keep on doing it just to check out the ads, for now at least, as some of them are really very good. (And one day I might even have done enough to get the actual cash!!)

To sign up, click on the logo below - you also might see another website that works for you, or supply you with more ideas for your (internet) business, but do be careful. :-)



Before one can join these sites as affiliates, one has to pay a membership fee or purchase the product.

In this case, one should be satisfied that the product will provide the service that one wants. Of course, that makes the product worth buying, and by promoting it, one can earn money to cover the expense and even make a profit. In some cases, even if a product is not necessarily the best for oneself, but could generate lots of income, then it would still be beneficial to invest in it. But one must be sure!

Business Warriors

For a small business or entrepreneur, there is nothing better than Business Warriors.

The owner, Peter Carruthers, researches SARS and other legal requirements that the small business owner has to comply with and provides these business owners with all necessary information, and saves them time and money. He helps to fight for our rights and be our voice where it matters. The members help each other on the Forum, and supply information about and answers to most problems. Peter's book "Crashproof your Business" is a must-read for all prospective entrepreneurs. Peter writes the immensely popular "Pete's Weekly" that gives interesting information to all.

Business Warriors requires a monthly subscription fee. Investigate this very worthy product by clicking here:

I am a Business Warrior. Are you?


SpamArrest is a programme that helps one to filter all the unwanted spam out of one's inbox. It is such a pleasure to only read emails from people you want. One should visit the website at least once a week to check that nothing important has been caught in the net.

There is a free trial period after which one has to purchase the product.

Click on the banner below to try the programme out, and later become an affiliate. (Save the url to your favourites or bookmarks folder, if you prefer to go back later.)

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