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WELCOME to the FUNWINGS CC home page.

FUNWINGS CC has been in business since 1990. It specializes in supplying equipment for hang glider and paraglider pilots. This home page has been designed to inform the pilot of items that are available, and information that we think is pertinent and important to know and remember. We strive to keep all pages updated, not an easy task. To give you as much information as possible, but keep the work to a minimum, we lead you to the manufacturer's home pages where possible, and do not give the prices of the items available (except on the Secondhand ads). Please contact us to obtain the latest prices.

Paragliding is an exciting sport and we are passionate about it. Please join us in the fun and excitement that is paragliding.

Important Notice:

is no longer offering training in paragliding and powered paragliding, nor are we supplying tandem flights.
Please check the various schools on the SAHPA website or call the secretary on 012-668-3186 between 8am to 1pm on weekdays.
Funwings CC is still supplying flying equipment.

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Please note that the site is still under re-construction and more sections will be added or updated over the next period of time.
Apologies, not all the pages detailed below are available as yet.

Laura's Place - CLOSED

There is a place near Johannesburg that compares favourably with the coast. It is beautiful, has lots of water, wonderful sunsets, provides many activities and is very relaxing at the same time. This place is called the Vaal Dam!

Unfortunately, Laura's Place has been closed as the property was sold. But because it is so beautiful and my time there was so enjoyable, I decided to keep the photos on the website. Maybe it inspires you to find another beautiful spot at the Vaal Dam to visit regularly.

We are still flying there! The view from the air is most fantastic, and there is more air space.

Outdoor pleasure: Campers at Laura's Place. Photo: Laura Nelson.

Campers at <i>Laura's Place</i>


Wonderful sight. View over the Dam from the flying site behind Stilbaai Yacht Club on the Vaal Dam. Photo: Ben Mienie.

Stilbaai Flying Site

Weather Info & Forecasts

The weather is very important to all pilots, but the forecast must never be taken too seriously! To forecast the weather is very difficult as it is an imperfect science, and everyone, including the Weather Bureau, can miscalculate what the weather is going to do - it will not be pigeonholed! The section on the forecast has been discontinued for the time being, although the principles were left on the page for info. There are links to many different weather sites.

Weather info

Pilot Business Support

Support our pilots by using their services or buying their products!
Click on the link to the left to see the Pilot Business Support page. Want to know who has a hardware store, or who can produce a promotional video for your business? Maybe you need to rent a boat, or it is time to get a Fax2email number at no charge!

Pilot Business Support

For Sale

Used Equipment Advertisements
Our very popular secondhand list! This page full of secondhand flying equipment is updated at least once per month, usually more often. Buy or sell yours here on the Funwings For Sale page!

Used Equipment

New Equipment

Make your choices! Remember that we do not publish prices, so please contact us to get the latest prices. Prices vary due to the variable exchange rate.

NOTE: We apologise - some of these pages are somewhat outdated, but we are in the process of updating them. Please be patient! To see the latest that the manufacturers have produced, check their websites. Links are given on the specific page, or google them.

New Equipment

Travel and Fly in South(ern) Africa

We offer advice for foreign pilots visiting in South(ern) Africa - free of charge! This includes interesting areas to fly and sightsee. Hardcore or social flying.

Travel Guidance for Foreign Pilots

Various Services for Pilots

In order to assist pilots with information on items that are of interest to the flying fraternity, we have put together a few pages. These will be incorporated or updated as we go along.

Sevices for Pilots

Various Articles

These articles have been published here over the years because they are interesting or have valuable information, or just because they are funny. Enjoy!


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