After a total of 7 years of Research and Development, our latest Pipe Network Simulator has come of age, and is now released for use by other professionals.

We are pleased to present GWIS 7 for Microsoft .NET 

Using the digital power of modern personal computers, GWIS can accurately simulate complex piped networks moving fluids, in virtually all aspects.  

Yip, it's Virtual Reality Software that actually does something constructive. 

  • If you are against thumb sucking, arm waving & generalisations you would certainly qualify to be a GWIS pilot. 
  • Complex hydraulic problems are solved on the fly, and fly it is. Simply draw any system to scale inside the ultra fast CAD environment and see how it runs. 
  • In a fraction of the time used by conventional design methods you can now produce designs that are more complete, more accurate, more economical & more presentable. 
GWIS is a flexible tool that will enhance Your designs, not You its.