Hydraulic Network Simulation and Design Software
GWIS Software

GWIS was designed with Irrigation Systems in mind, but is also used for the simulation of general Fluid Reticulation Networks that involve round Pipes flowing full, connected to Valves, Pumps, Filters, Meters, Sprayers and/or other fittings. GWIS will simulate both turbulent and laminar flow models involving these objects.

GWIS software makes Pipe Network Analysis an almost totally explicit process to its user. Once you have prepared a scale drawing of a system, GWIS can build and solve the relevant continuity and energy conservation equations. This means you can Draw and Solve, linear or ring networks, or both combined.

No method exists for the direct solution of these equations and because the only method of solving is iterative in nature, it is particularly suited for digital computer evaluation...Enter GWIS.

Past are the days of over-design and under-design because of approximation-design. GWIS can build an exact mathematical model of any Pipe Network System, as long as you can draw it.

GWIS will enable you to draw and accurately solve complex hydraulic systems that would otherwise be practically impossible, like inter-linking multiple ringed systems.

Designing perfect Pipe Networks is now as easy as drawing them, opening the world of precision hydraulics to virtually everyone.

The levels of design precision ascribed by GWIS will benefit the consumer by substantially saving on Materials, Energy and the design Time/Cost.


We believe that this product will set a new standard in hydraulic design software and hope that others will also benefit from the work that has gone into it.


Abstract: GWIS in a nutshell

GWIS Software