BJ and Johann's home page


-Hello.This is Bjorn...

-And Johann...

-Reporting to you live from the 'net.

For you lost and misguided people who just ended up here, this is a recreational web page designed to be a tribute to anime and manga.

This is a joint project (In other words, he thought it up and I stole the idea from my good friend Johann over here...)

-Hi, so as my good friend was saying, this page is supposed to be about japanimation, but I really would like to add some Apple stuff,...

-Excuse my friend, he's ony of those crazy Apple lovers...

-AND I think Macintosh is the best computer in the world

We think we've introduced ourselves enough, but if you wish to follow our discussion, do so.

Main Topics

We tried to find a way to present these differents topics but since we wouldn't think of any, we'll just present them:

Anime & Manga (you know, frozen anime)

This is what we think are the masterpieces of japanimation and manga.


This is the page of our favourite links. No special interests, just cool sites!


At the moment, there's only one. It was stolen off the Indiana Mailing List.

-So well, Bjorn signing off...
-Hey! Wait a sec! You forgot our Macintosh page
-Well I figured that if our revered listeners (yeah, right!) wanted to learn more about Macs, then they would have gone to the Apple Home Page...

If you have been either offended or amazed by this home page, or just have comments or suggestions, please send mail to:


(Anyway, we'll both get the mail:-)

Lost souls have passed through to their doom.
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